A wedding is a milestone that will be filled with cherished memories as you start your future together. You’ve started looking at dates, venues, dresses and you’re the proud owner of a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Now what?

Your wedding bands and engagement rings symbolize your love and commitment, and will continue to be important pieces throughout your lifetime, and you’ll want to know how to take proper care of them. Here are a few jewelry tips from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the nation’s leading jewelry insurance specialists since 1913, on how to take care of your engagement ring and wedding bands:

Get checkups. At least once a year, take your jewelry to your trusted jeweler for an inspection and cleaning. They’ll check for loose settings, worn prongs and other potential problems invisible to the naked eye.

Clean regularly. Clean your jewelry at home frequently to avoid dirt buildup that can increase wear. Your jeweler can give you a few tips on proper cleaning.

Don’t wait. If you see a prong that’s loose, worn or catches on fabric, it could lead to a lost diamond. Take the piece to your jeweler and have it checked immediately.

Store jewelry gently. Storing jewelry cluttered together can cause scratches. So when you’re not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate soft compartment or container.

Go easy. Diamonds are among the hardest materials on earth, but they can chip if struck at the right angle. Don’t risk a damaged engagement ring. For any potentially high-impact activity, store your ring safely on the sidelines.

Insure it. You’re engagement ring is more than metal and stone and holds both financial and sentimental value worth protecting. Jewelers Mutual’s Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance provides worldwide repair and replacement coverage that can go beyond standard homeowners insurance to protection against loss, theft, damaged and even mysterious disappearance (unexplained loss), with no limits on the coverage value. Have the freedom to wear your ring without worry!

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