Dreary Day Job? Create An Income Doing Something You Love



Work is often considered to be a means to an end something you simply have to do in order to pay the bills, but it doesn’t always have to feel like that.

What if you could quit the drudgery and actually go to work happy because you were doing something you love?

You might be surprised at just how possible it can be to generate an income following a particular hobby or passion that you have and you might even be able to earn enough money to quit your day job and spend all of your time doing something you really love.

Work harder

It is quite likely that if you get a chance to do what you love for a living, you will probably work harder but not really feel like you are doing so.

Hard work alone will not guarantee you success in your venture but having a passion for your business because it is an activity or a service that you love performing, will certainly provide you with the entrepreneurial spirit and energy that you need for success.

Leaving the relative comfort and security of your regular job is never and easy thing to do, no matter how much you hate it, so you might want to take your change of career in steps and work at getting your new business up and running on a part-time basis before finally taking the plunge and going it alone.

Party plan

A good example of how you can start to generate an income outside of your regular job is to sign up as a party host.

If you are passionate about your appearance and love testing out different cosmetics, you might consider something like Younique home parties, amongst others. As these sorts of ventures are often well suited to your interests and lifestyle and give you a great insight into running your own business and what it entails.

The benefits of an established party plan are that you have a readymade product range and a lot of the marketing strategies and ideas are already in place, so that you can hit the ground running when you launch yourself as a host.

Think about what you love to do

The first thing to do when considering a change of career is to consider what you really love to do and whether you might be able to transfer these skills and passion into a viable business.

If you are always getting compliments about your cooking or baking and enjoy spending time in the kitchen following this passion, it might be that you could turn this into a business. The same applies for other things like gardening, looking after children, making crafts and anything else that really makes you happy when you are doing it.

Be financially prepared

Most new business ventures struggle for money and customers in the early days and those first few months will be critical to your long-term business survival.

This means that you need to be financially prepared for what lies ahead and have an understanding that it may take a bit of time to get yourself known and find the customers who are going to pay you for your service or products.

Your new business will require some financial investment either for equipment or advertising and probably both, so set out a realistic budget and plan for when you launch your business venture, so that you are financially prepared as much as possible for what lies ahead.

Change of approach

A fundamental aspect of making a living out doing something that you love is the need to change your approach accordingly.

What this means is that by launching your business, your approach and outlook has immediately changed from someone who is a hobbyist to a professional, who expects to get paid for their work.

The art of achievement is a mixture of talent plus preparation, so you may be skilled at baking cakes for example, but you need to transfer that passion and skill into a business environment and change your approach, without losing the fun that you have along the way.

It also never hurts to be prepared to acknowledge any gaps that you have in your knowledge about your hobby, so be prepared to hone your skills and take help or advice from others who already experts in the same field.

If you want to quit your dreary day job, follow your passion and turn it into a business.

Denise Ryands prefers the entrepreneurial life to the 9 to 5 grind. She also enjoys inspiring other people by sharing her ideas and stories online. Her articles mainly appear on business, entrepreneur, upstart and career related blogs.