Even if you enjoy your job, and love the people you work with, occasions arise where you need to make a decision, do what’s best for yourself, or maintain a friendly relationship with your employer.  Claiming work place accident compensation is relatively easy, but making the decision to proceed is often fraught with worry.

This is particularly true within small businesses, where everyone knows you well, the boss is like family, and the staff are your best friends. Of course, most companies have insurance, but that doesn’t stop your boss from worrying that a claim could be detrimental to business or even lead to closure. Smaller businesses are often less safety conscious than huge corporations, with cheaper flooring, older doors or stairs, less organization, more clutter, a more informal attitude to safety and more knick-knacks, wires, pot plants and loiterers hanging around.
Will your coworkers still talk to you? More to the point, what will they be saying to each other? Will you be labelled as a fraud?

It would be easy to say that real friends would understand, but the prospect of losing the comradeship of everyone you see on a daily basis can be gut wrenching! Many people work with relatives or friends that they consider to be family.
Another issue is wariness of ever getting another job should you make a claim! What if you become known as the “employee who sued”? Could this affect your future employment prospects? What if this was your first job? Could it be your last?

Is it really so bad to just go back to work and forget the whole thing? Do you really need compensation for your lost wages, pain and suffering?
Talking to an experienced legal team is the first step for anyone considering their options.

Whether you have a broken leg, burnt yourself on the coffee machine or slipped and hurt your back, it is worth finding out from the experts just what your options are. Nobody needs to know that you have sought advice, and nobody can advise you better than an independent solicitor, with no affiliation to the company.