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This is a guest post by JB. He is 23 years old and writes at Get Rich or Die Trying where he blogs about the struggles of everyday financial life and his dreams of becoming rich along with how he plans to do it.

I am getting married in less than a month! I can’t wait – I am really excited! Buy guys don’t show their emotions like girls do, and they don’t
spend their money like girls do either. How are we different… and why? Let’s take a look at how the sexes manage money.

Women waste a lot of money! Admit it! They do. Anytime my fiancee goes out of the house she comes home with something! It might be – “Look! I got these 6 new shirts and it only cost $10.50! The receipt says I saved $96.34!” Which, I do have to agree – that probably is a good deal… even though I don’t believe that she actually save 96 bucks. Or it might be, “I had to get this for our daughter’s room! She’s been wanting it so bad – and it was only 6 dollars.” Well, B has been wanting that. She’ll probably be ecstatic when she sees it.

Men overspend as well, probably a lot more than women! We’ll get upset when you got that great deal on shirts, however we won’t think twice about upgrading our cable package so we can view all of the basketball games at any time of the day that we want! We also spend a lot of time researching to find the best deal so we can save the most amount of money we buy that $5000 TV.

Women tend to waste money on little toys. Something catches their eye and they go after it. And it usually does make them happier. Guys tend to save up their money so they can waste it all on one big toy! I think it’s important to keep these ideas in mind when you’re talking to your significant other about money and especially about budgeting. Make sure that both significant others look over the budget periodically to make sure that everything checks out.

Ladies – make sure your guys don’t have any secret savings account nicknamed, “Savings for Pool Table”. Guys – talk with your ladies about how much money is reasonable to spend on little things.

Keep the lines of communication open. The worst thing you can do is keep these things inside. If you disagree with something your SO bought or how the money is being budgeted, tell them so – but in a rational way. Sometimes you may disagree on how much money each should get for their toys. But keep an open mind and keep in mind that guys and girls have different toys and spend money differently. Try and see each others point of view.