Modern professionals are likely to spend more time at their office than just about anywhere else. Yet, odds are, most people don’t closely examine the decor, layout, and overall design of their company’s workspace. Instead, they come into work and get started taking on their assignments. Nevertheless, a company’s office does have a big effect on employee mood and productivity, and –– in many ways –– is a reflection of that business’s priorities and culture. It’s imperative that employees and employers recognize this fact and learn how to see an office for what it really is. The following four tips will help you do that: 

Clutter & Carelessness

Regardless of how hectic a work environment is, no company should allow their workspace to fall into disrepair. Tangled wires, loose sheets of paper, files sitting haphazardly around the office –– all of these things are symptoms of a dysfunctional work environment. The good news is it doesn’t take much time to declutter an office. And businesses often find they have more space available to them than they first realized after a thorough bout of spring cleaning. 


Virtually all business owners say that it’s important for their team members to communicate effectively with each other. However, only a fraction of them actually follow up and create workspaces that are conducive to regular collaboration. Open spaces, shared desks, modern chat systems, and well-stocked break and communal areas are hallmarks of an office design meant to enhance communication between employees. 

Color Coordination

Though it can sometimes be difficult to quantify the effects of color on the human psyche, certain colors do influence energy levels and moods. It makes sense for companies to pursue color schemes that fulfill several criteria. An office’s color scheme should:  

  • Match brand colors.
  • Align with customer expectations. 
  • Promote good vibes. 
  • Allow workers to focus. 

Any color pattern that breaks from those four precepts will likely cause issues. So if you’re looking to start a new business, make sure you get the color of your office right the first time!

Investment (or Lack thereof)

New isn’t always better, but the reality is that businesses that forgo modern upgrades and amenities risk falling behind their competitors. Consumers and professionals alike respond to improved facilities, and investing in cutting-edge technology can support a positive change in company culture –– as well as making team members feel more appreciated at the same time. 

The Bottom Line

Ideally, your office design should match your company’s values and ambitions. Thankfully, businesses can consult with design firms like Key Interiors for help handling any office redesign or renovation needs. Investing in your office design now can help your company thrive and develop its own vibrant culture down the line. 

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