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I am in the midst of planning a couples getaway for a few girlfriends and our significant others, I’ll share what we’ve come across so far. Given rising gas costs and air fares I thought it important that we consider all options. First, Ive been rereading this post on how to get the cheapest flight every single time, the commenters gave additional tips on how to find cheap flights besides looking at Kayak and Orbitz. Then we had to decide if we want to go to the beach, be adventurous or go to the spa and hang out.

I found the following tips and suggestions while watching the Today Show on NBC and they were right on time!

Design a meaningful trip. I’m very focused on this aspect because I miss hanging out with all of my friends in one spot at the same time! So I’d like for this to be memorable since most of us got married within the last 2 years and we don’t get to spend that much time with each other.

Decide what you want to focus on. If were up to me we’d be on someone’s beach sunning ourselves in Corolla, NC. But I know some have wild and adventurous sides while others want to hang out in a spa and be pampered. Do we want to learn new skills, shop, play sports? We’ll need to come to a consensus in the following weeks.

How will you get there? I’d rather drive. I know gas is high but darnit I don’t trust the airlines right now.

Here are some ideas courtesy of the Today Show:

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Girlfriends Getaway. This getaway has been dubbed the “Girly Cinderella Trip“, great for 20 somethings. The cost is $799 per person and after the 2nd person the rate drops down more to economize the trip cost. Sweeeeet!!!
More information: Willard Intercontinental Washington

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Bootcamp for Bachelorettes. This trip will be to Puerto Vallarta Mexico and the cost will run $2534 for 3 nights, very upscale and all meals are included. Even with the shopping and beautiful outdoors, that’s a bit pricey. I’m also not keen on flying right now.
More information:

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Adventure in Aspen. I am so not feeling this trip! Now even though we can do this all year long in Aspen, CO, I am not the outdoorsy type. Rock climbing, mountain biking? Ugh! Not me, not anytime soon. The upsides are the boutiques, spas and shopping and at $305, it looks mighty attractive!

I think we should go to Corolla, NC, rent a house and spend the week there. This way we can all drive down, split the cost of food, gas and the house rental and spend all the time we want at the beach, poolside or even at a local spa if they have one. Being the touristy are that it is I think this would be a great getway for all of us. Of course i don’t have the final say. The cost? Around $500-$700 for the week depending on how many end up going and which house we choose.
If you’re planning your own getaway, here are a few tips:

  • Pool all financial resources to ease the cost of the trip
  • Try to get group rates on air travel
  • Agree to a set range that all involved are willing to pay. Nothing like everyone ready to pay upwards of $1000 and one person only able to pay $400.
  • Bank for extra expenses

I’ll keep you updated on where we end up. Are you planning a summer getaway?