Nowadays everyone is on the go. We eat while we’re walking, we make appointments while we’re waiting in line and we’re checking emails while we’re commuting to and from work.

The same is true with our money. Who has time for old school spreadsheets and check books when we’re always on the move?

Think about the one thing that’s always with you. It’s probably your phone.

If you run out for coffee and forget your wallet you can still pay at Starbucks with the app. If you leave your credit card at home you can still use Apple Pay to make your purchase.

The truth is managing your money is no longer about pens and pencils or counting bills, you can manage your money electronically with the swipe of your screen. Think about your daily money habits, where do you spend your money? Now download an app to help you keep track of how you spend your money.

Trust me, apps can really help get your money in order. We download apps for everything else, why not to manage your money too? After all, it is our livelihood.

The Mint Budget Tracker app

If you’re only going to download one financial app this year it should be a budget app to help track expenses. We can only set and stick to a budget if we know exactly where our money is being spent and make adjustments if need be.

A budget is our financial foundation because from there we can set and plan for goals as well as control debt. The Mint budget app is great because it gives you bill payment reminders as well as tracks your spending—and it’s free.

The Any List app for Grocery Lists
One of the biggest financial mistakes you can make is forgetting to plan your spending before you head out to go shopping, this includes everything from clothes to groceries. If you go to the grocery store weekly then plan your meals for the week and make a list of all the items you need. This helps avoid impulse purchases and also helps plan your spending so you stay on budget.

If you just wing it and start throwing items into your cart you’ll probably end up wasting both food and money. The Any List app lets you plan meals, share recipes and create grocery lists. It’s one stop shopping when it comes to saving money at the grocery store.

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