Last week’s #MyAvonStory was incredible!  I say that as a woman interested in human dynamics, right?   After all, I am a psychotherapist and what I do for a living involves helping other women get in touch with their deepest fears.

The Twitter Chats have grown to become almost a way for the women involved to support and encourage each other towards greatness.  I have and always will be a fan of women supporting each other, even if it means shedding our masks and discussing some of our deepest fears as entrepreneurial women.   And that was the most significant takeaway for me.  I saw the participants really get real about their fears but also discuss how they’re managing them on a daily basis.  Love that!

We discussed the following questions and I’ve shared the answers of some of the participants:


Q1. When talking about your career, what does “on your own terms” mean to you? #MyAvonStory— Jen Groover (@jengroover)

  • To start, here are 3 key tips for earning an income on your terms: identify what it means; clarify its value; always innovate #MyAvonStory
  • First, identify your ideal “terms” & evaluate how you can realistically implement them AND run a successful business.  Often it’s freedom – both financial & time. It can also be creative license or strategic control. Whatever it is, identify it. #MyAvonStory
  • The key is to determine what motivates you. This leads to what you value & ultimately guides you to a successful business plan #MyAvonStory
  • Also, having the option to push your business into high gear to earn extra cash is a perfect way to combat the expensive holiday season!

Q2. What fears have you faced running your own business? How have you overcome them? #MyAvonStory — Jen Groover (@jengroover) 

  • A2: The fear of not being able to gain new business. Dealt with the fears by doing things differently to reach my market base @jengroover
  • @jengroover A2. Fear of failing my audience. I want to give them what they need while remaining authentic #MyAvonStory
  • @Gingerlatte you can’t ever fail when being your best version of yourself when being authentic.

Q3. Being your own boss takes a lot of self-determination. What are some common challenges you’ve faced working for yourself? #MyAvonStory Jen Groover @jengroover

  • @jengroover A3. Not knowing how to diversify and grow can be a real challenge. #myavonstory
  • Q3. @jengroover I have made those deals with the devil – working with crazy people and regretting it afterwards #MyAvonStory
  • A3: Setting aside “me” time, working son up to sun down – great for business but terrible for personal growth @jengroover #MyAvonStory

Q4. Leaving a standard 9-5 job can be invigorating. What’s most exciting about starting out on your own? #MyAvonStory

  • A4: I left a call center environment, where you basically have 2ask to use the restroom LOL, def love the freedom! @jengroover #MyAvonStory
  • @jengroover A4. I’m disabled by lupus and cannot stand the rigor of standard 9-5s. My own business is on my terms. #myavonstory


If you missed the last twitter chat but want join the conversation –  Avon will be hosting one more chat with Jen Groover in January!

Make sure you follow @jengroover and use the hashtag #MyAvonStory to participate. The remaining Twitter chat in the series are:

  • ‘Creating professional fulfillment’ on Wednesday, January 21 (12:30-1pm ET)

You can RSVP to each Twitter chat by emailing If you RSVP and attend the Twitter event, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an Avon product bundle.

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