Free Flights + Hotel Stays: Get Your Southwest Air Rewards Card Here!


Southwest Air is hands down my favorite airline, second only to Jet Blue.  When I came across the Southwest Rewards card  I jumped on the deal because I have quite a few trips planned this year.

And earning free airline tickets via the Rapid Rewards program can’t hurt!  If you travel a lot then you know expenses racks up quickly and anything you can do to get a few freebies and perks makes it easier on your wallet.



You’ll love Southwest Air for the following reasons:

  • No baggage fees
  • Great customer service
  • Always on time (flights are rarely late in my experiences with them)
  • Great ticket prices when you book early

But it gets better – if you like free airline tickets and hotel stays?  Maybe?  Yes?  Those are just 2 of the reward benefits that Southwest Air Rewards card holders get when using this card to earn Rapid Rewards!

Rapid Rewards Program at a glance:

  • Unlimited reward seats.
  • No blackout dates.
  • Your points don’t expire
  • Earn points for every dollar you spend.
  • Redeem for International flights and more.

I recently flew into Atlanta for a social media conference and the whole experience was great with Southwest.  As I mentioned earlier, the customer service with Southwest surpasses every other airline.  I flew in via Business Select which allowed me to board before everyone else.  This was literally a one day trip so it meant flying in early morning and then back to DC later on that evening.  Talk about exhausting!  For that very reason I decided to change my departure time to an hour earlier instead of waiting until later that evening to fly out.

The change process was a breeze and there were no change fees as with other airlines.  As always they make the process hassle free with no baggage fees and as I mentioned, no change fees.  With other airlines I tend to buy my return flight once I get to my destination but with Southwest I can make changes as needed.

Is This Card For Me?

If you travel frequently (and like Southwest) then it’s worth it since you stand to rack up the Rewards quickly.  If you don’t travel often, you can still earn points as they don’t expire.  You’d just have to make sure that you have an earning activity at least once over a 24 month period.

Want to learn more and apply?  Check out the following reviews from Cash Money Life and Free From Broke.  Both reviews go into depth about the card, restrictions and caveats.

Remember, ultimately, this card is for you if you can afford to pay the balance off every month.  Otherwise, the related fees (interest and late fees) make the rewards pointless.  Be mindful and spend accordingly.

Happy flying!