Scott Heiferman, the CEO of Meetup (love him BTW!) sends out this email to all the meetup organizers today asking us to give people reasons to utilize meetups in order to save money.  Because of recent changes in the economy, people are looking not only for answers, but a way to ease the pain.  And, they often find that in community with others going through the same issues as they are.  He used my meetup, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, based in DC as an example of this in his video around the 1:30 mark:

So all the organizers are discussing the issue and listing how their members are being helped through their meetups.   You know, building and using community to help people during tough times and this organizer posts the following:

Our group helps women get in touch with their sexuality! 35% of women can not orgasm through intercourse and 15% never will in their life. We are set out to change this. And as everyone knows, orgasms release endorphins therefore relieving stress AND COPING WITH TOUGH TIMES!
~Susie Heart

I just about fell off the couch LMAO

So miss lady, how are you coping during the recession? Keep it clean! LOL