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3 Reasons to Switch your Gas & Electricity + DIY Utility Savings!

Over the last few years consumers and business owners have had more choices around their options as it relates to their energy rates.  This is fantastic news because it means they aren’t locked into one energy provider.  And, who doesn’t want choices when it comes to saving money on something as essential as gas and electricity.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should switch your gas and electricity:

Lower Rates

Who doesn’t want to save money?  If you don’t, then stop reading now.  But if you want to save money they take a look at your options around energy suppliers.  EnergyHelpline is a free independent service where business owners can call and talk about their options in regards to their energy rates.  Start there and see how much you can save!  It’s a free service so there’s no cash outlay for you when investigating your options.

Easy Process

The process is pretty simple. Some services utilize an online application so there’s no paperwork to fill out.  They do all the work for you by talking to your current and new supplier and that’s it!   All the suppliers available to you are compared to find the best rate which reduces the work you need to do in order to make the best decision.  All of that is done for you.  The process is streamlined to make your life easier and what’s even better – you save money on a very essential expense.

Low Risk

Let’s say you switch and end up not liking your current set up.  EnergyHelpLine allows you to cancel the switch within 7 days!

If however, you aren’t interested in switching your utility provider, check out the following tips to save money:

Keep the Thermostat Low

Be mindful of the temperature on your thermostat.  Even taking the temperature down 2-3 degrees can result on major savings on your bill.  Start at 65 degrees and gauge how comfortable you are with the temperature at that level.  If it doesn’t suit your needs then kick it up a few degrees to 67-68.  Another tip is to turn down the thermostat when you’re away so that you aren’t heating an empty space which costs you more money every month.

Seal All Windows and Doors

This has proven to be a great way to save on energy costs during the winter months.  If your door has a serious draft which causes the room to get really cold this is a great solution.  Sealing the windows and using a door draft stopper to put under the door should help with the draft.  This prevents cold air from coming on which prompts you to increase the temperature.

Get On Budget Billing

Getting on budget billing allows you to pay a set amount every month while figuring out different ways to lower costs.  Gas is by far more expensive and the less you use it the more you save!

Turn Off Appliances Not In Use

We never think about the entertainment center or computer/laptop that draws energy when we’re away.  But even if it isn’t being actively used, as long as it’s plugged in then you’re being charged for the electricity that the laptop or entertainment center uses.  What can you plug out at night or when you’re away?  Try it for a month and see how much a difference it makes in your bill.

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    It appears that EnergyHelpline is based in Europe or Great Britain – is that correct and how can an oversees company help us here in the US?

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