Hello Gorgeous! I’m Ginger! Founder,

Hello Gorgeous!
I’m Ginger, founder of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds!
Like you, I love money and I want it to work for me. But I’ve found that sometimes we just get in our own way as it relates to achieving financial freedom.
Featured in Elle magazine as their money coach of the month and most recently on Good Morning Washington, emotional spending is a topic near and dear to my heart.
My background and experience as a psychotherapist not only supports, but also bridges the connection between money and the emotions that drive overspending.
Budgets are dead. Diets don’t work. If they did then we would all be rich, skinny and debt free. I can give you the most robust spreadsheet in the world to track your money but if you’re overspending due to other emotional issues going on then it doesn’t matter. You’ll still be broke.
I help you make the emotional connections and gain financial insights so that you can live your best life, not the one you keep settling for.


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