I am back with the recap of the final Twitter Chat in the #MyAvonStory series!  If you missed any chats in the series, we’ve got the roundup for you below:

As I’ve mentioned previously, the chats have been nothing short of honest, inspirational and empowering.  I love watching women support each other through the hurdles and triumphs of entrepreneurship.  And the series did just that for many of us.  Jen Groover who is just totally inspirational shared with us tips on how to gain confidence, get out of our comfort zones, face our fears – all while doing work that feeds our souls.  

Here’s a recap of each chat:

Chat 1: Gaining Confidence and Independence with Your Business

This chat’s topics focused on women garnering the confidence to take a bold step to start and run their own business.  Some of the issues discussed included leaving our comfort zones as well as managing self-doubt.  We all experience these issues at various times in our lives.  And it can be difficult to see past ourselves enough to realize that we’re not alone in the struggle to “make it”.  

So many times we get knocked down by the failures of our past and present but what we forget is that the failures are there to teach us the lessons needed to get us one step closer to our desired success.

Depending on the day and what’s happening, this may fluctuate and that’s totally normal.  The key to maintaining confidence is realizing that you have no control over life’s events and your best bet is not to react negatively.  Life will throw the inevitable curve ball at you and your confidence level is key in maintaining the proper perspective.

Comfort Zone
One common thread amongst participants in the chat event was that we all at one point or another feared stepping outside of our comfort zone.  Personally, public speaking was a huge fear and I still struggle with it now.  But I’ve learned to put myself in the position to improve in that area so that I am prepared when the time comes for me to get on the stage.

If you’ve never experienced a period of time where you doubted yourself then you can’t possibly live in the same world we live in.  We’ve all experienced this and that was evident in the responses.  One of the responses included:

A3- Remind myself that if I try, mess up, and learn a lesson, it’s still better than if I had done nothing. #myavonstory

This resonated with me the most because this is the story of my life.  I’ve gone down many a path in my personal and professional life that I’d dare not wander onto now.  However, I’d never know the lessons that awaited me on my detour.  Always ask yourself, “what should I learn from this moment?”  That’s how you turn self-doubt or failure into success.

Chat 2: Earning an Income on Your Own Terms

My money.  My time.  My terms.  This was my take away from chat #2.  But what gets in the way of that is the fact that our fears sometimes run rampant resulting in paralysis due to over analysis.  We think over and over again about how things can go wrong without really giving much credence to how things might actually go right if we have the right plan and support in place.

I have and always will be a fan of women supporting each other, even if it means shedding our masks and discussing some of our deepest fears as entrepreneurial women.   And that was the most significant takeaway for me.  I saw the participants really get real about their fears but also discuss how they’re managing them on a daily basis.  Love that!

Q2. What fears have you faced running your own business? How have you overcome them? #MyAvonStory — Jen Groover (@jengroover) 

  • A2: The fear of not being able to gain new business. Dealt with the fears by doing things differently to reach my market base @jengroover
  • @jengroover A2. Fear of failing my audience. I want to give them what they need while remaining authentic #MyAvonStory
  • @Gingerlatte you can’t ever fail when being your best version of yourself when being authentic.

Chat 3: Achieving Professional Fulfillment

In our last Twitter Chat of the series, the questions below and the answers that follow them all elucidate a central theme with the answers that were given.  The fact that it is so important that we spend our time doing things that feed the very essence of who we are.  Are you walking in your life’s purpose?  What do you own in your life that you can call your own?  How are you building meaningful relationships along the way?  You get the picture:  for the 8-12 hours a day that you spend working – is it meaningful?    Check out the summary of answers to the chat questions below:

   Q1 – Why is it important to your overall happiness to be fulfilled through your work?

o   Gives life purpose and something you can call your own

o   Keeps stress at bay

o   Loving what you do and doing what you love affects your whole life positively

  Q2 – What are you really good at, that you could capitalize on further to benefit your business?

o   Revisit hobbies and assess

o   Aligning your purpose and passion

o   When you’re doing something you love, work doesn’t feel stressful

 Q3 – Are you truly fulfilled through your work? Are your relationships fulfilling? If so, why?

o   Building meaningful relationships

o   Making time for yourself is important

o   Pushing forward despite difficulties

Q4 – What do you feel is your passion in your life? Are you living that passion through your professional endeavors?

o   Creating community

o   Listening and caring about others

Q5 – Whether you’re just starting out or a biz veteran, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about staying fulfilled?

o   Align purpose and passion

o   Clarity comes from action

o   Find flexibility to help you balance it all

As you can see, whether you want to start your own business or you’re knee deep in the mix,  it’s fair to say that everyone has experienced the above mentioned emotions and tripped over similar hurdles.  What matters is that you find support and develop a plan that you can adjust along the way to your desired goal.

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