My Ordeal With and Paypal Fraud


Yesterday I received an email stating that I’d just transferred $1649.00 to  I didn’t and immediately got off the phone with a client to call Paypal and then my bank.  Both stated they wouldn’t be able to help me until the pending authorization cleared or was terminated. It turns out the bank had been calling me all afternoon because the security team flagged the transaction.  I thought it had to do with my new debit card coming in the mail.  I was wrong.

I use a small credit union and 80% of the time I get the same person, Chris, when I call there.  When he picked up I felt like a huge sense of relief!  He offered me the option to block any charges from Paypal which would cost me $20 OR I could shut down the account and open a new one.  I was reluctant to do this because I have several ACH transactions coming out each week and it would’ve been a hassle to close the account and reset all of my bill pay accounts.  I would have been open to closing the account if really came down to it but my mom is still on this account.  I have had this account since college and she’s been on it ever since, I just never bothered to take her off.  Don’t worry she isn’t calling into the bank and snooping on our money LOL but I just never bothered to have her sign the papers and take her off.  And, if I wanted to close the account to thwart the thieves then I’d need to go to NY, have her sign it, get it notarized, do the same for my husband and I and then get the account closed.  So, that wasn’t going to happen, not with time passing and the authorization about to clear.

Talk about PISSED.

Paypal can’t stop the authorization before it clears and my bank at best could do some sort of ACH block to stop the payment from being taken from my account.  But they didn’t even see the authorization as pending on my account which made the situation even more frustrating.

I called directly thinking this is my last resort because I was steaming hot pissy mad at this point.  After a few calls I got their customer service/billing department on the phone and reported what had happened.  The rep who handled the situation was really kind and understanding so I appreciate her empathizing because I was HOT!  She pulled up the order and said person ordered a SERVER and planned to have it shipped to TEXAS but using my contact and billing information.  She gave me the order info and customer number then transferred me to the department authorized to cancel the transaction.

The rep who ended up canceling the transaction had all these questions for me as if it was so damn impossible for someone’s Paypal account to get hacked.  Im like, dude STFU and cancel the transaction or I will have your company up on fraud charges once I sign this affidavidt.  Don’t play with my money.  I quoted and read from the several search results about Lenovo’s history of charging people for items they never ordered.  Save that $hit for someone who gives a f8ck and research it yourself.  Cancel the order, terminate the authorization and I will be on my merry way.

He did.

I called back late last night to confirm with another rep and said transaction had been canceled with the authorization terminated.

Still, I will be checking my account through Friday to make sure no random authorizations are placed and checking all transactions.  Since using Rudder I’ve been rather anal in checking my account daily to assign bills that have bee paid but I am lucky because my clients canceled yesterday and had they not I wouldn’t have noticed the email from Paypal until late last night.

Next steps?  Since I feel so open and vulnerable there’s no telling what other financial information these folks have on me since they logged into my Paypal account from Georgia per Paypal’s security team.  I’m thinking that I need to add the MyFico Credit alerts to my account and continue to check my bank account.  I also plan to call my bank and Paypal to see about fraud charges against the person in Texas and the person who logged into my account from Georgia.  The last thing anyone should do is mess with my money.  I am not the one.

What would your next steps be at this point?

  • Brian

    I was just called by Chase on suspicious activity … Lenovo Group just tried to charge my account over $800 this morning … I MADE NO PURCHASES

  • Mike B. Greer

    Between my family we’ve had more prepaid credit cards over the years than we can count, including Ready, Greendot, etc. But, the last few years we have found that one is the best for are family AccountNow Visa. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and no sweat to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) AccountNow Visa’s are.

  • ach processing

    Credit card companies are very protective of their clients (you the consumer). They nearly always side with them. So if funds are taken from your account for any reason in an online transaction, first call the payment processor that took them and ask for a refund. If they refuse, let them know that you are going to call your bank. 9 times out of 10 they will reverse the charge (many times before it goes through to your bank). If they refuse to, then call your bank and they will always take care of you.

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  • Kaye

    Someone tried the same thing to my PayPal account today, but it was a $3K charge with Lenovo. PayPal e-mailed me and held the transaction, and they cancelled it when I contacted them via telephone. If I can obtain details on who's behind this, I will definitely prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. The scammers didn't even attempt to have it delivered to the same state where I live, and PayPal knows I don't typically pay that much for ANYTHING via PayPal.

    • cwick

      Was yours shipped to ohio? I'm from Ga and had my identity stolen and the computer shipped to a home in columbus, oh.

      • Gingerlatte

        No it was hacked from GA and was being shipped to Texas.

  • Credit

    Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

  • tanyetta

    I AGREE—–Don’t play with my money.

  • CentsInTheCity

    I had a friend who had his bank account hacked through PayPal and lost a lot of money because of it. The best thing you can do with PayPal…do not attach a bank account directly to it!!! You can obtain the full functionality of PayPal by using a credit card. Adding your bank account has no additional benefits. It is much easier to dispute a charge on your credit card, than it is directly from your bank account.

  • Barbara Waltz


    It sounds like you did all the right things, I have had similar things happen to myself in the past. It is always so frustrating and you feel so violated.

    I actually just had the opposite thing happen with paypal , I had ordered something and it got flagged– I guess as I was traveling in Europe and made an order– it drew the money from my bank acct and sent it to the company. Then I get an email from Paypal saying my account had been accessed by a 3rd party and that the payment had been frozen. It asked me to reconfirm my details but my only number on there was my old home number which I no longer have a land line, just cell phone, and paypal wont let you put in cell phones as primary contact. I was also abroad and could not get them to call to confirm my account till I got home. So the transaction was overturned and my account refunded, despite not wanting it to happen. I felt a bit embarrassed to contact the company and apologize for the situation and asked them to hold what I had ordered until I got home in order to fix it. Luckily they did and everything was fine.

    I hope everything gets sorted out with everything and they find the person(s) who are responsible !

  • David Churbuck

    My apologies for this incident and the way you were mis-treated by a Lenovo representative. I am looking into the case now and would appreciate it if you would contact me via email with your order number and contact details. My email is

    We have seen an increase in fraud cases and have been battling these issues for sometime. We recently posted a warning to our customers about a current scam (unrelated to your PayPal issue).

    Thanks for alerting us to this issue.

    David Churbuck
    VP Global Digital Marketing

  • Aaron

    This is exactly why I don't use Paypal at all.
    Back in college, I had $300 deducted from my account via Paypal to "Wallyware INc."

    Yeah…I don't think so. Never again.

  • Ana

    Ugh. That is crappy. My mother is actually dealing with identity theft the past few months, luckily she caught it fairly quickly, because the people obviously know what they are doing. After she put up all sorts of fraud alerts on all of her accounts, they even called the phone company to change her phone number so she couldn't receive updates from companies trying to verify information. It was crazy.

  • Crystal Groves

    They said they could not find out until the charge went through, which it hasn’t yet. I figure I’ll wait until Monday and then call and see what’s up. I want to find out what was attempted as a purchase and where it was going to be shipped and then nail someone.

    Crystal Groves’s last blog post..Gaming During a Recession or Economical Gaming

  • Ginger

    You'd add this to your credit report. They monitor it for any changes and send you alerts if anything is added to your reports. Paypal has the IP address and state/location where the person logged in so Im confident that if pressed it could go a good distance.

  • Ginger

    That's so fishy, $1? Do they know what it's for?

  • Sandra

    How do I add MyFico Credit alerts to my paypal account? I don't have a bank account, well it's a prepaid debit card we have that has hubby's check direct deposited, it's not connected with paypal because that's what I am afraid of.

    That's very scary to have happen and you are SO lucky you noticed it when you did!

    My daughter was setting up her paypal account and she had to wait to verify it. About a day after she set it up (still waiting for the verification to go thru) I got an email that I was sent money in paypal. I logged in to see what it was and it was $45 from my daughter's account! Now I immediately called her, woke her up and told her she had to wake up and listen to me that something was drastically wrong!

    I don't know why it was sent to me, I am just happy it was so she wasn't robbed of anything.

    Good Luck in pressing charges. The only way you will be able to do that is if they had the ips address if they were using your info, so fingers crossed for you.

  • dogatemyfinances

    I did all this with ShopNBC (who buys things there anyway?) when I was a poor college student.

    Two months, four police reports, and 40 hours on the phone later, I never got my overdraft fees paid. Honestly, I'd say just walk away. Nobody cares.

    • Ginger

      I do. That's a good amount of money they tried to take from my account. Time and energy will dictate if I go forward but swiping close to $1700 from my account at least warrants an investigation IMO.

  • Fabulously Broke

    That is freaking scary. I want to check all of my cards now and make sure I'm not doing the same.

  • Crystal Groves

    I just had the same thing happen to me but with I saw a pending charge for only $1 (which most are until the entire transaction goes through) and immediately called up ING to see what was up. They also said they couldn’t do anything until the charge went through. It was supposed to go through Monday and still hasn’t. I’m hoping the charge was stopped due to me canceling my debit card immediately, but maybe I should call and see about filing some fraud charges myself.

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