Moving is a stressful time for anyone. You can make your life much easier by doing things the right way, though. We’re going to give you five top tips for making your move as simple as it can possibly be.

Save Money as Soon as You Can

Saving money as fast as you can is absolutely crucial for the move. There’s everything from move-in fees to hotel costs to cover for. And there are always lots of unexpected costs you won’t take into account that pop up out of nowhere.

Begin creating a little nest egg. This can be as much as a few hundred dollars or as much as a few thousand dollars. Anything left over can go straight back in your savings account. You can also find some tips about moving on a budget in this article here.

 Order of Operations

The order of operations is determining what order you want to do things in. To begin with, you should visit the place you’re moving to before the move. Map out your route so you aren’t frantically looking around for your new home later on.

When the packing actually starts you should begin from the top of the house and work to the bottom, while starting as early as possible.

 The Moving Options

Consider your two moving options at the beginning of the process. You have the drastic option of selling your stuff and arriving at your new destination with just a few bags of luggage. The option most of us will take, though, will be taking all our stuff and driving to our new home. Take into account whether you want to hire professional movers or not.

It’s recommended you do so because you know things will be done the right way. It’s also much less stressful than trying to handle everything alone.

Slim Down

Don’t feel like you have to take everything with you. Take only what you absolutely can’t live without. The amount of stuff you decide to take with you should have sentimental value and be irreplaceable, at least in your eyes. Everything else can be sold and rebought later on.

On a side note, you’ll discover that most of the items you decide to keep will be the smallest items you own, such as photos and paintings.

Time is Everything

Above all, never try to move during the summer months because this is what everyone else is doing. The highways are packed full of people and the cost of moving is much higher. Moving companies can charge more for their time because there’s no shortage of people willing to pay. It’s also the time where housing shortages are most common, particularly when it comes to college towns.

The best time to move is in the winter, in terms of cost. But in terms of comfort you may want to consider the autumn, just after all the kids go back to college.

Hopefully, these five tips will set you on the road to achieving your goals. Start considering your move today, because it’s never too early to get started.