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I’m here in our hotel room trying to beat the clock as my final is due at 12am but with so much on my mind, blogging has helped me get thoughts down that otherwise just take up space so bear with me. I have a break and with that comes a few moments of silence since hubby is at the hospital. Thoughts over the last few days include:

  • I haven’t slept 6 hours straight in the last 3-4 days and its hardly due to studying for finals or anything related to academics
  • I’ve been asked quite a few times over the weekend how I do it with internship, the blog, side business, marriage, personal life and now my FIL being ill but I dont have an answer to that right now. Since being married we’ve faced so many family issues, deaths, emergencies etc together that when something like this happens we function like clockwork. Sure, things get pushed to the side but one thing I am sure of is that we have each other’s back. This weekend really solidified for us the fact that we are (as much as I dislike the term) each other’s half 🙂 One thing I’ve learned from my husband is in situations like this, just DO it, handle business and let the chips fall as they may
  • Thank GOD for Amtrak as I don’t drive long distances, EVAR. It’s hard driving from DC to Baltimore without getting highway hypnosis as Nicole likes to call it and that’s 45 minutes! Forget paying $200+ just to fly 45 minutes, that wasn’t happening
  • I have awesome friends, both online and off. They’ve kept me balanced and on task over the last few days and for that I am thankful
  • Having an emergency fund has been key this weekend, so far we’ve spent:
    • $100 on weekend car rental which will increase because we are extending our stay here or we will need to leave the car here and drive back as my car is parked at the station
    • $240 on our hotel. We are staying by the airport, not by choice but we need to be close to the hospital as my FIL had a cardiac related seizure?? upon being released so I am back in the good ole state of NJ courtesy of a early morning trip via Amtrak. This may be increasing depending on if/when they release my FIL this week. Either way I will leave Tuesday night, study for my final all day Wednesday and then possibly return Thursday night to NJ.
      • Aside-Kayak on the iPhone=FABULOUS! All the information I needed to book our hotel and have it waiting by the time I got to NJ. If not hubby would have been content sleeping in the hospital room with his dad but he needed a break to wash up, sleep and overall take a break. I don’t think he’s really slept either since Wednesday night. And, even though we have a critical situation on our hands, that’s no reason to resort to roughing it.
    • $70 Amtrak tickets, again this will increase because I need to return to DC and I am not sure if hubby will leave the rental here in NJ and take Amtrak or drive down.
    • $40 on one tank of gas. As much as I dislike American cars, that Chevy Cobalt we rented is EXCELLENT on gas. I wouldn’t buy one but it’s an option if you’re looking for a car with good MPG. Enterprise can keep their Kia Sportage SUV with gas inching towards $4/gallon, that would be a negative.
    • $100-Food/Dining out

Please enjoy the guest posts in my absence as I hope to be back blogging regularly after May 1. Things took an unexpected turn this weekend and frankly I am not particularly in the mood nor am I in the right frame of mind to blog but I do plan to pop in with updates here and there. So my posts may be off topic, random and personal in nature this week. Bear with me as I make my way back on track.