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If You Want Your Paypal Account To Look Like This- Read Me Now! twitpic.com/afm0xj

If you happened to follow my Twitter or FB stream this weekend then you know we had a bit of a frenzy going on!  And with good reason!  I am writing this post because I was overwhelmed with the response and figured it was best to put all of the details here.

So yes it’s true, if you do want your PayPal account to look like this then read everything here.  I will close the comments to this post as I won’t be able to respond to every comment so it’s best to email me and we can chat about any questions you may have!  Some of you aren’t able to message me through Facebook so if you don’t mind, contact me through the contact page here.

What Am I Doing And How Do I Make Money?

I am working with a company – ZNZ.  It is simply Affiliate Marketing.  Don’t let the word “marketing” scare you.  You won’t be begging anyone to sign up.  After they see your Paypal deposits then they will be begging you!  All you do is sign up for free or trial offers with Fortune 500 companies such as Blockbuster, Gamefly, Disney Books, Netflix, etc. You complete offers only once (total cost out of pocket approximately $20) and then share opportunity with friends to make $80-$100 per person that signs up.  That’s it!  This isn’t MLM unless you want to sign on with GDI which earns you 10% for every sign up on that end.  I’m not that thrilled about the commission structure there but that could change.  Still what I am presenting here is strictly 1 level, not MLM.

Is ZNZ a Scam?

Znz is not a scam.  Now that’s out of the way I do want to go over step by step exactly how this program works. By the end everyone should understand why it is not a scam, and that Znz never receives your credit card numbers at all. Bear with me if this gets a bit long as I want to ensure no one is confused at the end of this.

ZipNadaZilch is actually affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing is one of the most legitimate work from home opportunities available. What an “affiliate” does is goes out and markets for other companies to receive a commission. (basically we sell other peoples stuff) This is also referred to as Cost Per Action. (or CPA) These companies (like FreeCreditReport.com) are willing to pay a “Cost” to receive a specific “Action.”   You may even see examples of this on my website here.  See those Mint, American Express and USAA ads?  Whenever you sign up for one of those offers, I receive a payout based on your signing up.

Let me use a few scenario’s to help better explain this process.  Let’s continue using FreeCreditReport.com for the sake of this example. As we all know companies like this spend billions in marketing every year (we’ve all seen the annoying commercials) in an attempt to get more customers. They always boast about a “free trial” on television because they are always offering this promotion. However, as much as they spend on marketing they are never guaranteed that these advertising dollars will pay off, often times they take a loss. This is why CPA became so popular many years ago. Cost Per Action.

Companies like this decided that another way to invest their money would be to pay a specific “cost” to anyone who would deliver a specific “action.” Clearly this removes any gamble from their marketing budget as FreeCreditReport knows exactly what they’re getting for this money. They are literally being handed a potential customer and we are handed the opportunity to work from home…. let’s look at this in motion….FreeCreditReport.com makes public to all affiliate marketers that they will pay thirty five dollars to any one “affiliate” that delivers a prospective lead. So we have established the companies “cost” which is thirty five dollars; now they tell the affiliate that in order to receive this money the new prospect has to provide a phone number, name, address, and credit card. (now we have established the “action” required)

So affiliates like myself, you, or Znz can sign-up on their site as an “affiliate” and start marketing using specific links and banners they provide for us. Then when someone stumbles onto one of our links somewhere in cyberspace and takes advantage of this “free trial,” FreeCreditReport.com will pay us thirty five dollars. This is affiliate marketing and CPA at its best.

Now Znz took this one step further and decided they would promote these companies by making it a work from home opportunity. The idea is truly ingenious. Zip nada zilch one went out and signed up with many different companies (as an affiliate) who were all willing to pay the same “cost” to receive the same “action.” (name, phone, address, and credit card) Then they created the website with the videos, tools, and training necessary for other “affiliates” to market this work from home opportunity for twenty dollars a lead.

Their only requirement was that we first become one of these “leads” and then we are free to market as much as we want using all of their tools. Now with all this knowledge on affiliate marketing and cost per action you maybe wondering why you would go through Znz one and not just sign-up directly with FreeCreditReport.com to receive the full amount. Valid question; as an affiliate marketer I do promote for several companies besides Znz.

However, the big advantage with Znz is that they provide the video presentation for me and they do pay me daily. I love that part simply because every other company will only cut a check once a month, and then they require a minimum of one to two hundred dollars before they will cut a check at all. Znz is willing to wait for their money and they are the ones who set up with many different companies bettering my chances of converting one into a lead.

In other words instead of me just trying to sell someone on a trial of FreeCreditReport.com to get paid, they can choose one of many other companies and I still get paid that day rather than a month down the road. It truly is easy money everyday!Now I appreciate you bearing with me on the length of this, and since I don’t want to make this post any longer than it already is; I have created a separate post (How Links Are Tracked) explaining how these links are merely a “re-direct” and that when you enter your information it is on that companies web-site and not Znz’s. I hope this clears up the notion that Znz one is not a scam but rather a very good opportunity for any inexperienced (or experienced) affiliate to start making money now while learning the business.

Ready To Get Started?
  • Go to http://passiveincomedaily.ws
  • Complete sign up for Step 1
  • Please note these RULES
  • Only one account is allowed per user, per household and per internet connection. Using public internet connections like a library’s, a workplace, etc. is NOT allowed. Avoid using Wi-Fi connections as well (this includes your phone). 2. Prepaid/gift cards are not allowed to be used on any offer on our website. You must have a valid credit card or bank issued debit card to participate in any offer. Using a prepaid or gift card is considered FRAUD and will result in your account being closed.  Only participate in offers you have an interest in and be sure to give their product or service an honest try. The purpose of our website is to connect advertisers with valid leads. Signing up for an offer you have no interest in is FRAUD and will result in your account being closed.
  • Once your sign up is complete you will see:


The pink stripe means and says you need to complete 1 offer to complete this step.  **If an offer says maxed for the day- please note they renew at Midnight (standard time zone)** Now once you have completed one offer the screen will look like this: Please note the instant credit offers can take up to 6 hours to show up.  If it has not shown by then, you must complete a Missing Credit request


Once you’re done, the page looks like this:



STEP 2 – (ZNZ Big Cash)

  • Go back to http://passiveincomedaily.wsand skip step 1
  • Scroll down and enter your email and you will see the page below
  • Please make sure it is showing the person who referred you, then choose extend account..
  • Enter password and agree to terms

NOTICE: The credit values here are less which means you have to complete more offers. That’s because with ZNZ big cash there a bigger pay out. (more vendors more money )

Once done with Steps 1, 2 ,3 and you’ve completed the offer requirements (1.00 credit) then take YOUR referral IDs from ZNZ One (http://one.zipnadazilch.com/index.php?referral=YOURID) and BigCash (http://bigcash.zipnadazilch.com/index.php?referral=YOUR ID) and enter it into the keymarketingnetwork.com back office (http://keymarketingnetwork.com/admin/update.php).  Your referral ID is the number located at the end of your referral link. Your referral link is located on your status page. Here’s an example:In the above example, your referral ID would be 225230.  You will then share your keymarketingnetwork.com/yourusername with your friends

A few things:

  • This is not MLM as I don’t make money if you sign other people up.  If you sign up with GDI to get the website for $10 per month then I get $1 as long as you keep that account but I am not motivated by $1, though, I know that it can add up.  So signing up for the MLM part is totally up to you.  In order to get the $80-$100 per person you sign up, you must sign up with ZNZ One and Big Cash then complete the credit offers for each one.
  • Even if you don’t want to make money, you can help me out by signing up to try the offers (get the credits in Step 1 and 2) and I will make $100. I’ll even post the Paypal deposit since it hits daily to my account. Then you can decide if you want to help others make this kind of money.
  • The offers renew every night at midnight and most you only try out for a minimum of 25 days. Some are 5 days. Some offers are free, some are not. If you sign up at midnight then the free offers are open then because every offer has a cap and the free offers(near free too) go first.
  • Once you are done with Step 1 and Step 2 (view both videos) watch the video for Step 3 where you create your own link (keymarketingnetwork.com/username) and site like mine and get your friends to try the offers and make money! Even if only 1 friend signs up thats an extra $100 in your Paypal account. Average 1 per day and that’s an extra $3k for the month.

I’ve done my research and pretty comfortable sharing this with all of you since I get tons of requests, site searches and messages about how to make extra money and every bit helps!  The potential for this is huge and remember, I only make money when you sign up, not when you sign up other people so this is only 1 level and doesn’t qualify as MLM.  Nothing against it, but I know some of you don’t like it.  Hopefully, it helps some of you make ends meet, pay off bills, take that well needed vacation or whatever your heart desires!  I am even planning a Meetup with the ladies here in my area to tell them about it.  I love helping other women reach their financial goals and this is certainly one way of doing so!

Questions?  Hit me up through the contact page.  I will even call you if you need help or a walk through!

Talk soon!



Account Questions

Will I get spam e-mail messages if I sign up?

No, your information will never be sold or leased to third-parties. You will only receive e-mails from us regarding your account which you can opt-out of. For further details on how your information is used, please review our Privacy Policy.

However, our advertisers can have different ways of doing business, so it is critical that you read their privacy policies when considering an offer.


Who can participate in your site?

We currently allow registration from residents of the United States (50 states only), Canada & the United Kingdom.


Can I sign up to your site more than once?

Unfortunately, no. As stated in our Terms & Conditions, we only allow one account per person, per household and per internet connection. However, you are more than welcome to sign up on each specific site of ours provided you use the same e-mail each time (e.g. BigCash, Cash, One, etc).


What does it cost to sign up?

Nothing! Membership to our site is completely free and always will be.

Please note, upon registering for an advertisers’ offer, you may incur a fee (from them) for their service. As a result, we do strongly recommend that you carefully review their terms for any associated service costs before registering with them.


What is the minimum age to participate?

You must be 16 years of age or older to participate.


What is my referral ID?

Your referral ID is the number located at the end of your referral link. Your referral link is located on your status page. Here’s an example:In the above example, your referral ID would be 225230.


Can I close my account?

No. In order to prevent users from creating multiple accounts we do not delete or close accounts. If you sign up and then decide not to participate, you can just stop using our site. You can opt-out of receiving any further e-mails from us via your profile page as well.


Can I sign up from a shared or public computer/internet connection?

No, you need to sign up from your own computer using your own internet connection. Since we do not allow multiple accounts from the same IP address, you run the risk of disqualification since someone may have already joined our site using that connection.


What are my credit/referral requirements?

Your credit requirements is the amount of credits you must complete as the first step to receiving your free gift. Depending on the site of ours you are interested in, this will range from 0.50 to 3.00 credits. Each offer on our offers page will have a specific credit value.

Your referral requirements are the number of completed referrals you must obtain as the second step to receive your free gift.

What is a completed referral?

A referral is an individual who registers to our site using your referral link. A completed referral is a referral of yours that completes their credit requirements, and thus provides credit towards your account.


Can my referrals be roommates or someone that lives with me?

Sorry, but no. We only allow one account per household. Therefore, you may not refer anyone who lives at your residence.


How do I get or find referrals?

That’s for you to decide! One popular method is by visiting forums and message boards such as Anything4Free.com. You can spread it through word of mouth to your friends or you can start your own advertisements. When advertising our website, ensure to adhere to our advertising guidelines to avoid suspension of your account.


What are bank credits that are shown on my status page?

Bank credits are a permanent feature that we have implemented that you can use to help your referrals meet their credit requirements. The way this works is quite simple. If you wish to give a referral of yours 0.10 credits, you will need to have at least 0.10 credits in your bank, then request us to make a transfer and we’ll take care of it. Likewise, if you wish to give them 0.50 credits, you would need to have at least 0.50 credits in your bank. Please ensure to include the referral you wish to make a transfer to, along with how many credits to avoid delay in getting your request processed.


There is only one minor exception we have to this feature, which is that if you wish to apply the credits in your bank to a referral on our BigCash site, you will need to have 1.50x the amount of credits in your bank you wish to give them since our BigCash site pays out more per referral, but has the same offer requirements as most others. Meaning that if you wish to give a referral of yours 0.10 credits, you will need to have at least 0.15 credits in your bank or else we will not be able to make the transfer. Giving 0.50 credits to a referral on our BigCash would require 0.75 bank credits and so forth.

For information on how to obtain bank credits, please refer to this FAQ of ours.


How do I obtain bank credits?

Currently, we offer a couple ways to do so. First and foremost, for every order you submit into us, you will receive 2% of the credit requirements of that site put into your credit bank. Meaning if the site requires 1.00 credit, you will receive 0.02 credits into your credit bank for every order submitted into us on that site. This may not sound like much, but with just a few orders you can easily help out a stuck referral that may be only 0.05 or 0.10 away from completing their requirement!


In addition to that, we also hold promotions from time-to-time that can boost your credit bank balance, sometimes by enough to cash out on multiple referrals immediately! Our promotions for each month can be found on our homepage and are generally posted by the 2nd or 3rd of each month.

If you have any other ideas you think would be beneficial, feel free to pass them along as we’re always open to any feedback to better our network.


General Questions

How can you afford to give away free gifts?

We receive a commission every time an advertiser offer is completed and tracked on our website. Part of the commissions we earn are then used to pay for your free gift!


Where can I learn more about your other sites?

To see all of our current sites, please refer to our homepage:



How can I contact you?

If you are a registered user, please submit a support ticket into us via your support page. This will ensure you receive the fastest response time.

If you are not a registered user, please refer to our Contact Us page.


Are you legitimate?

Absolutely! To date we’ve given away over $5,000,000.00 to our users in prizes.

We also recently added a proof section onto our own website where users can add their own proof,click here to see!


Offers/Credits Questions

I’m missing credit for an offer. What do I do?

If you have completed an offer and followed the listed requirements and have not received credit, please submit a missing credit request into us and we will attempt to verify your offer offer completion. A link to submit a missing credit request into us can be found on your support page.


What can I do to help ensure I receive credit for the offers I complete?

Please see our our crediting tips page, which is located here for more information.


Do you receive information that I submit to an advertiser when completing an offer?

No. The advertisers do not share any information about you with us. We only receive a report that says we were credited for the offer.


I have referrals that have partial credits. Can I combine them into one referral?

Sorry, but no. Each specific referral needs to complete their credit requirements to be counted as a completed referral. However, we do offer ways to help your referrals that have partial credits. Please refer to the FAQ located here for more information.


I completed too many credits on a site of yours. What can I do with my excess credits?

You are more than welcome to transfer your excess credits to another site of yours. Just submit a support ticket into us letting us know where to transfer your credits and we’ll take care of the rest!


What do I do if I have questions about a specific offer?

Contact the advertiser directly. If you have any other concerns you could check the advertisers status with the national BBB registry. However do not contact an advertiser about offer crediting issues as per the terms and conditions on our site.


How long does it take to receive credit for an offer I completed?

The reporting time for an offer completion varies. To view the typical reporting time of an offer, you may visit our offers page, and beside each offer we will detail the typical crediting time. For most offers, this is instantly (within 6 hours).


Please note, the times listed are the usual reporting times, however, an offer sign-up reporting may be delayed for a number of reasons including advertiser delay, strict browser settings, or delays in completing the offer requirements. If your offer doesn’t credit after the stated time frame, we recommend you to submit a missing credit request into us via your support page.


How many times can I complete a specific offer?

Each offer may only be completed once per person. Users registering for an offer more than once will not be rewarded for their sign-up and are subject to their accounts being closed for violating our Terms & Conditions.


How long does a missing credit request take to process?

Upon receiving all of the required information, most missing credit requests are resolved within 3 business days. However, under certain circumstances, we may have to send your request off to our affiliate for review, which can take up to 60 days.


My referral did not receive credit for their offer. What do I do?

If a referral of yours has completed an offer and followed the listed requirements and has not received credit, please recommend them to file a missing credit request into us and we will

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