Ashford University’s Forbes™ School of Business promotes lifelong learning by bringing all of their educational resources to the student through technology. Ashford’s caters to the needs of working adult students. Even with the time constraints of a career or raising children, Ashford works with their remote students to become leaders in today’s business world. Ashford University fosters a culture of collaboration, educating in both technical skill and creative critical thinking.

The educational process is modeled to the needs of each individual student, according to their goals. With their innovative and valuable model, an education from Ashford moves a graduate to a real role in the ever-changing world of business.


Because of their focus on adult learners, Ashford emphasizes the passion it takes to continually cross boundaries, pushing our minds forward in all stages of life. The human brain maintains its capacity for growth throughout life. Many adults simply become too busy in their routines to consider educating themselves further.

Ashford’s convenient technological approach to education makes this a possibility for all. Students won’t need to leave their homes or move into campus housing in order to attend classes. Ashford brings the school to you.

Ashford also emphasizes the need for women and mothers to enter the business world through their programs. As the business industry continues to represent a more even cross-section of humanity, women are sought after in these environments, in leading roles, in ways that weren’t as prominent in previous generations. Ashford makes it easy for these individuals to make a way for themselves, even with no past experience in the field. Ashford nurtures minds, and they will find the student and leader in you.

Their unique programming makes is simple to structure your learning around the strictures of your life’s schedule. Even for the busiest of us, there is no longer any reason to wait to advance our learning, our careers, and our future happiness.