By the time you reach 35 your investor fees could easily top out at $350k on your investment portfolio.  I don’t know about you but I’d rather not sacrifice that many coins while working towards the golden years.

You may be wondering how do I save money on fees while growing my portfolio?  How are others dealing with this issue?

Draft has the solution for that problem.

They are the first app of it’s find to solve such a unique issue.  Investors needing crowd sourced information in order to make better decisions, ask the right questions of their financial advisors while also saving money on fees.  Overall, this results in more meaningful information about your investment portfolio.

What does this mean for you?  Draft helps you make smarter decisions by making the investment process simple while saving your money.

That works for me because the less I have to think about my portfolio while saving more money?  Yes, please!

How Does Draft Work?

They pull your investment accounts into one place.  If you’ve used Mint, Yodlee or Pocketsmith then yo’re already familiar with account aggregation.  Once that process is completed, the app compares compares performance, fees and asset allocation with other users.

If you’re doing a great job with your portfolio then you’ll sleep easy at night.  If improvements need to be made then the app will shift your investment strategy to “draft” off the top performers — highlighting the benefit of crowd sourced investment insights.


DRAFT is the first application of its kind that provides insight and guidance to common and professional investors by leveraging crowd sourced data.

The app allows users to pull all their investment accounts into one single location and compare performance, fees and asset allocation against real portfolios from other users.

Investors that determine they are the highest performers now have peace of mind they are doing the best they can, while users not performing as well can alter their investment strategy to “draft” off the top performers — highlighting the benefit of community.

Would Draft Work for You?

That depends.  If you are:

  • Good with Technology
  • Comfy with mobile apps
  • Generally distrustful of the investment industry
  • Have the cash to invest but not enough to grab the attention of investment professionals
  • Possibly overpaying with lack luster results
  • Wants to take over the reigns while gaining better insights to make better decisions in the future.

If you meet most of the above-mentioned criteria then jump on this now.  There are limited slots for Draft.   My readers can gain priority status on their waitlist by clicking this link.  If they want at the very top they will need to click on the jump to the front of the line link that DRAFT will send in an email to them.  Click —>>> Draftapp and get on the list.