In a word, yes – annual travel insurance is definitely worth it. It may seem like a hassle, and the value of insurance is a hotly debated topic in some circles, but if you’re going traveling, especially if you’re going to be visiting foreign countries, it’s vital to have insurance.


Different policies offer protection against different scenarios, but all legitimate travel insurance services provide cover against basic travel mishaps. As usual, it is much better to be safe than sorry – after all, the potential costs of skipping out on insurance can go well into the thousands. You may need to get special coverage for extreme sports holidays, because ordinary policies may not provide sufficient coverage.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a stay at the beach or an extreme adventure holiday. Travel insurance will be equally handy whether you’re taking a free guided walk around nature, or kite surfing. After all, you could get sick at a museum, just as you could injure yourself on a dream vacation, lose your wallet, or need to rush home to a family emergency.

Selecting policies

You can even select the right policy depending on your needs, plans and destination. All insurance policies are not the same, and you need to make sure you buy one that covers your needs. You should also look at the limitations and exclusions on each policy you are considering. These tend to vary, although most policies have exclusions around alcohol and drug consumption. Generally, more premium policies cover against a wider range of possibilities, offering a more comprehensive safety net.

Some travelers argue that travel insurance is redundant as they have never needed it in many years of travel, but one never quite knows what might happen. And, even a seasoned traveller might feel better knowing that they are covered for emergencies.Despite having to take a few extra steps to arrange insurance before you travel, you can enjoy your holiday happy in the knowledge there is always a safety net there if you need it.

And you can make up the cost by doing more free activities on your adventure. Look up free tours, parks, walks, festivals, exhibits and museums – it’s amazing what kind of free activities and events one can find in every city, and you’ll get to experience things you’d otherwise have missed out on!

Overall, travel insurance is worthwhile, even if you consider yourself a risk-taker and adventurer. It’s better to rest assured that you have emergency cover and not need to worry when you’re supposed to be having fun.