Is that possible?  Healthy + Low Budget?  In our economy this is simply a rarity and one must be able to think creatively and outside of the box while keeping health in mind in order to achieve this goal.

This is something I’ve certainly struggled with especially since Whole Foods is really expensive but I also refuse to eat fruit tainted with wax and pesticides.  Still, when I go to the local discount supermarket and get a week’s worth of groceries for $60 vs $110 at Whole Foods, pardon the pun, but that dilemma gives me food for thought.

How do I slash my food budget while eating healthy?  Stic of Dead Prez founder of has a few suggestions for us, check them out below:

Produce over Packages

The cheapest most nutrient dense food in a grocery store in the produce isle. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Trying to buy costly packaged goods, potato chips and sugary juices and all kinds of over processed items, even at a health food store is when the budget starts to soar. When we feel we don’t have time to cook we often go for a lot of “quick fix” items like pizzas and pre-cut bags of French fries and stuff like that. That’s where the money adds up.

Make Enough For Leftovers

Cooking meals in large batches and freezing the leftovers for later in the week or month can save you a lot of time and money.

Instead of buying fast food or eating out at restaurants, or even cooking a full meal every time you get hungry, it’s way more cost effective and time saving and healthy for you to pull something out of the freezer and warm it up than it is to wash/chop/slice/boil/bake/wait in line/wait to be served etc.

Check Your Values And Create A Plan That Honors Them

In the hood, in all honesty, We spend a gang of money on cable, hair dos, sneakers, weed, parties expensive bottles of alcohol,video games, big screen tvs, rims, jewelry, strip club tricking, trendy name brand clothes, car accessories, headphones, cigarettes all kinds of overpriced things. But when it comes to our health, we often skimp and look for the cheapest food we can find.

But in our best interest, We have to value our health above all these other things, and make eating healthy a priority in terms of how we spend the resources we have.

Read more over at Plant Based On A Budget for the rest of his tips on how to eat cheap AND healthy!

While you’re at it, also check out these cheap and healthy recipes from GrowingSlower:

What do you think?  How are you eating healthy without breaking the bank?