I don’t usually post interviews that I do elsewhere on the net where but I really enjoyed this one!  This is probably one of the better and more personal interviews I’ve done as I generally don’t share much about my personal life or inner thoughts about the blog online.  Check it out over at Foundertips.

Here are a few excerpts:


You’re one of the most famous bloggers in the personal finance for women niche. Why did you start a personal finance blog for women in the first place? Did you consider any other topics, or did you know that this was the only topic you want to write about?


Wow, thanks!  The primary reason why I started a personal finance blog for women because I think it’s important that we raise our level of education and awareness around money management.  I won’t bore you with the stats about women and poverty but I will leave with this-the fact that women learning about and becoming empowered in personal finance continues to be a novel idea, sites like mine are needed.  You’ll never hear the question, wow, why do a sites like Kiplinger, Motley Fool or Smart Money would focus on men and money.  That’s a given.


Socially, women are taught to get an education but marry a man that can take care of her financially for the rest of her life while she gives up the best years of her earning potential to raise their children.  On the other hand, men are socialized to become long term planners, investors and providers for their families.  I think the latter is great, but women are rarely presented with images of how to be self-sufficient. That is my goal – to teach women how to manage and make more money while being self sufficient regardless of whether or not they have a partner.


The second reason is that I wanted to highlight some of the issues that we face today like salary negotiations, maternity leave and contending with choosing when to have a career vs planning a family.  Furthermore, when I started blogging, the personal finance blogosphere was a veritable sausage fest, so I thought it would be nice to spice the place up a bit :-)


I’ve noticed that money is a very sensitive subject for many people. Not only you blog about money, you also express some controversial views such as “Smart women marry for money”. Do you get a lot of skeptics and haters and if so, how do you deal with them?


So you read my guest post on Consumerism Commentary?  Ha!  I still cringe at the comments on that post!  I get a lot of men who are threatened by the idea of a woman being self-sufficient.  Even the well meaning ones, because it shows that the base thought process is that we aren’t necessarily thought of in this light.  The first reactions you’ll see from that post is that I am teaching women to whore themselves out for money which is far from the truth.  Flexo wrote a follow up about it here which clarified the gist of the article nicely.


“Ginger, who wrote a guest article for Consumerism Commentary, argued that smart women should marry for money. Although the article was misunderstood by many readers, she was not saying that women should marry for quantity of money, but for their approach to money. A smart, independent woman shouldn’t need to take care of a husband as if she were his mother. The same may be true for men, though traditional sex roles tend to make the man-supporting-woman paradigm more acceptable.”


Haters aren’t a factor, so I don’t worry about them.  You can’t shoot a moving target :-)    Generally, once readers who think I am asking women to sell themselves for money read the blog, they change their minds and I get the occasional email apologizing for going on a rant over at Consumerism Commentary which then continued on my site.

Go on over and take a looksee at the rest!