“I do”.


  • ….. how’s your credit?
  • …..what about those delinquent child support payments?
  • ……how about the taxes you still owe the government?
  • ……what’s your financial plan for the next 1,3 and 5 years?
  • ……are we financially compatible?

These are just a few questions that any woman should be asking prior to getting married.  But even with all the articles out there about the many questions we should ask, the problems remains that many women aren’t asking these questions.


For fear of rocking the boat.  When I talk to women, friends and coworkers about “the talk” before marriage they tell me that marriage is about love and therefore “love will take care of it”.

Uhmm no.  Financial issues are are the top of the list around why couples divorce.  Having the talk now helps both parties understand the following:

  • How do they generally handle money?  Are they a saver?  Miser?  Spendthrift?
  • What decisions to they make when in financial crisis?  Do they believe in maintaining an emergency fund?
  • Are they over extended on credit card accounts?
  • What is their overall attitude towards money?  This is important because everyone makes bad decisions at some point or another concerning their finances.  They key is how they plan to get out of it and stay out.

The questions I plan on asking you should be asking

How much debt are you in?   If so, what are your plans to get rid of it?

What is your 1,3 and 5 year financial plan?

Do you plan on becoming an entrepreneur or have entrepreneurial aspirations or are you committed to the “day job”?

What are your plans for retirement?  Are you saving towards it?  How will we support ourselves in retirement?

Do you plan on our kids paying for college themselves or are you saving towards it?

Keep in mind as I said, these are questions I plan on and in some cases have already asked.   I think it’s important to be on the same page as your partner so I don’t mind asking or being asked.


What about you?  Have you or did you ask these questions before getting married?