We’re into the new year and many are looking for ways to make right the financial wrongs of last year.  But what many don’t understand is that getting on the good foot financially doesn’t mean making meaningless resolutions.  It means understanding first why you made those decisions in the first place.

Some people need a plan.

The rest of us need to understand WHY before making a plan.  Without understanding why you overspent, declared bankruptcy, piled on credit card debt etc then another resolution won’t matter.

I’ve got a lot in store for Girls Just Wanna Have Funds this year but part of coming into the new year included avoiding the overdone “financial resolutions” articles.  The reality is that none of you need resolutions, you just need to get down to why you manage your money the way you do and then chart a plan to get it on the right track.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I haven’t posted yet another “financial resolution” article that you’ll forget about 2 months from now.

What you need to do is be reflective about the past year.

What worked?

What did not work out so well and most importantly – Why?  What is your why?  Did you go through major life changes?  Do you understand how your money operates in your life?  Did you lose your job?  Why haven’t you been more aggressive about debt repayment?  What prevents you from committing to financial freedom?  What are your financial fears?

There are a gazillion money plans out there but until you understand the inner mechanics of why you are where you are today – financially – then you’ll be making yet another meaningless resolution 1 year from now.

Understand your why and then make a plan.

Talk to me!  I dare you to tell me about your why.  What happened over the last year that leaves you where you are today?  Are you ready to change your financial perspective?