If you weren’t able to join us last week for the #MyAvonStory Twitter Chat with Jen Groover, never fear, I’ve got a recap for you.

Inspirational.  Honest.  Empowering.  Bold.  Fearless.

Just a few words I’d use to describe the event as all the women participating shared their perspectives posed by the marvelous Jen Groover.  The questions posed included:

  • Q1. How have you grown your confidence, personally or professionally?
  • Q2. How many of you have successfully taken yourself out of your comfort zone? What have you done?
  • Q3. Self-doubt is inevitable for everyone. How do you cope & ultimately overcome to be successful?
  • Q4. What characteristics or qualities have great leaders in your life embodied? Which of these do you strive to demonstrate?
  • Q5. We’ve all been discouraged from reaching our goals. What’s your mantra for staying on track to achieve success?

While participating in the chat, the questions forced me to think about my own journey as an entrepreneur.  The ups and downs and especially the times when I’ve wanted to quit and forget about pursuing my dreams.  So many times we get knocked down by the failures of our past and present but what we forget is that the failures are there to teach us the lessons needed to get us one step closer to our desired success.

Depending on the day and what’s happening, this may fluctuate and that’s totally normal.  The key to maintaining confidence is realizing that you have no control over life’s events and your best bet is not to react negatively.  Life will throw the inevitable curve ball at you and your confidence level is key in maintaining the proper perspective.

Comfort Zone
One common thread amongst participants in the chat event was that we all at one point or another feared stepping outside of our comfort zone.  Personally, public speaking was a huge fear and I still struggle with it now.  But I’ve learned to put myself in the position to improve in that area so that I am prepared when the time comes for me to get on the stage.

If you’ve never experienced a period of time where you doubted yourself then you can’t possibly live in the same world we live in.  We’ve all experienced this and that was evident in the responses.  One of the responses included:

A3- Remind myself that if I try, mess up, and learn a lesson, it’s still better than if I had done nothing. #myavonstory

This resonated with me the most because this is the story of my life.  I’ve gone down many a path in my personal and professional life that I’d dare not wander onto now.  However, I’d never know the lessons that awaited me on my detour.  Always ask yourself, “what should I learn from this moment?”  That’s how you turn self-doubt or failure into success.

Mentor Qualities
I’ve had many mentors over the course of my adult life.  By far, one of the women who impacted me the most is Cynthia Washington.  Her confidence, poise, grace and drive for success are qualities I can only hope to emulate “when I grow up.” 😉  If she fails at something, you’d never know on the outside but believe me, she’s charting a plan which shows that she’s learned from the obstacle so as to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Mantra For Success
My favorite mantra is, “If this doesn’t work then get up and try again”.  Simple as that.  Never quit.  You only fail if you don’t get up once you’ve been knocked down.

In my opinion, the Twitter chat was a total success because I was able to see that other bloggers like myself encountered self-doubt and failure, too.  Knowing that they have had the same feelings makes how I’ve felt at various times in my professional life feel normal.

How would you answer the questions posed by Jen Groover?


If you missed the last twitter chat but want join the conversation –  Avon will be hosting two more chats with Jen Groover in December and January!

Make sure you follow @jengroover and use the hashtag #MyAvonStory to participate. The remaining Twitter chats in the series are:
‘Earning an income on your own terms’ on Thursday, December 18 (12:30-1pm ET)
‘Creating professional fulfillment’ on Wednesday, January 21 (12:30-1pm ET)

You can RSVP to each Twitter chat by emailing If you RSVP and attend the Twitter event, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an Avon product bundle.


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