Im sure we can all relate to opening up that email or paper bill from Verizon, TMobile, Sprint or AT&T and gasping at the huge bill.  I know I do.

Last year we switched from the strong arm of AT&T and the iPhone in favor of Sprint and the HTC EVO.  I’ve been in love with the Android OS and the super high end HTC EVO phone ever since!  I was tired of the higher priced phone and data plans along with the politics that came with Apple and their Walled Garden.

I was done.  So, we switched to Sprint.

Minus a few issues here and there we’ve been quite pleased with the service.  The cost?  Still leaves much to be desired.  Paying an extra $10/month for 4g/EVO and $30/month for the Sprint HotSpot (wireless tethering for 1 or more devices) stings my wallet every time.  Every month the bill comes to around $220 for two phones on a family plan sharing 1500 minutes (we share landline and mobile to mobile are free) with free nights and weekends.  We are both heavy cell phone users so there’s the occasional charge for going over the minutes.

Lately I’ve been seeing more and more ads for Cricket, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.  After conferring with the man, we deicded that it’s time to look a little deeper into Virgin Mobile since they tend to have more midrange Android phones and maybe moving towards the higher end devices pretty soon.  The other options, not so much.

The plan?

Since Virgin Mobile does not have a contract requirement, we’ll get a phone and test it out for a few months.  And, since we will be traveling for both business and pleasure over the next few months there’s opportunity to test it out for a few months before dropping Sprint altogether.

Now, there are a few things that give me pause about Virgin Mobile but I’ll have to see for myself.  These include the lack of flash video support on the Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V, lack of a front facing camera, camera picture quality and data service.  I also need it to be as fast and responsive as the EVO.  I understand Virgin Mobile rides the Spring network as they are a subsidiary of SPrint. I’ve read reviews where this can be a problem as many users note a “Service Busy” message during peak usage time.  We live in a large metropolitan area so I need to see how this plays out before dropping Sprint like a bad habit.

The cost?

As I said earlier, my current charges with Sprint and the EVO are around $220/month.  With Virgin Mobile if my husband and I get the $40/1200 minutes plan then we would pay no more than $100 per month after fees and taxes for both phone plans.  That would be an extra $120 in savings per month! Comparing the savings to other carriers, check out the chart below:


I keep telling myself it’s a cell phone for heaven’s sake and I should just switch and take the lumps that come with a midrange phone but I am a heavy mobile user so I need certain things to be in place like good data coverage.  I don’t really use the 4G right now so I am more concerned about the 3G data coverage as their phone coverage seems to be excellent in this area.  There’s the option of severely restricting our current plan but I’m certain that it wouldn’t be realistic given our heavy use.  I just don’t think cell phones should cost this much and  I cringe when I see the bill every month!

So tell me what do you know about Virgin Mobile and their service?  Is it good?  Should I stick with Sprint or go with Virgin Mobile?

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