The demands on an entrepreneur can be intense. Not only do you have to handle a lot of financial risk in order to pursue your dream, you have continual challenges to overcome. You have to be self-motivated enough to motivate others on your team. To do this you need to be in tip-top shape.

Here are some tips to help you promote your health while you are promoting your company.
Get Regular Checkups
Even though you think that you do not have time for doctor’s appointments and are tempted to skip your annual checkups, make it a priority to follow through and get it done. Think of it as an investment in the annuity of your life. If you catch an issue early, it can be much easier to fix than a condition that has had five years to gain steam. While you’re at the doctor, make sure your vaccines are up to date, especially your tetanus or flu shots. 

Balance Your Diet
To be self-reliant as well as be a self-starter in your role of entrepreneur, you need to keep your body fueled up with good food. One of the ways is to eat a healthy and more plant-based balanced diet. Hampton Creek features products such as Just Mayo that will give you the taste you want without the artificial additives and cholesterol you do not want.
Eating take-out food while working is a common occurrence with someone who is putting in extra hours on their business. Try to keep this at a minimum and plan ahead. With time at a premium, you need easy to make recipes that are good for you. You could make a few recipes on the weekend and freeze the leftovers to eat during the week.
You can also try keeping prepped items handy for a great meal standby of a large salad with tons of different vegetables. Then add some grilled protein on top, like Omega-3 rich salmon or lean chicken and top it with a healthy dressing to make it a complete meal. Adding more vegetables to your diet will benefit you by giving you additional vitamins and fiber. The more you make it convenient to eat a healthy meal, the better.
It is easy to forget to drink enough fluids when you are busy concentrating at the work at hand, but make it a priority to get enough hydration during the day. When the human body is even a little bit hydrated, it can affect cognitive function and motor skills. Getting enough water can even lower your caloric intake by enhancing a feeling of fullness.
Get Moving
As an entrepreneur you are always learning new things and on the lookout for new opportunities. Taking some time to exercise every day can keep your brain sharp and alert. Exercise is a great tension buster too. It can be as simple as getting 30 minutes of walking in per day.
If you have been in your office chair all day, getting up and about will certainly bring about beneficial results for your mind and body. Your muscles and bones will thank you too. Try some weights for resistance training or some circuit exercises for a quick boost. Even a high intensity 7 minute workout can provide health benefits
Got Sleep?
Sleep is not only important for your health, it positively impacts your mental status. Getting at least six to eight hours of shut eye every night will help you to remain alert at work and on the highway. The body uses your time sleeping to repair itself and regroup for the day ahead.
Life as an entrepreneur can be challenging yet rewarding. With all of the demands that an entrepreneur has, it is important to take care of yourself to keep you feeling and looking your best. Kick start your entrepreneurial spirit as well as your health by taking on these healthy habits.