If you’re like me then you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the information online – about any and everything.  Especially if you’re a business owner.  We’re often subscribed to emails and blogs which bring us new information about the things we live.  Or we’re gathering information for a project we’re undertaking.

Recently, I figured out a way to handle this by using a fancy new tool called Clipix.

It is similar to Pinterest in that you can “clip” articles, however it is different in that it can clip so much more than just images within articles.  It can clip recipes, DIY, E-mail, Excel, Word, PDFs and  pictures.  Clipping your own documents comes in handy when you’re managing a project and want a way to store different media in the same folder online.  Pinterest users can’t do that.

If you’ve been looking for a way to organize your ideas and interests online we’ve found a great solution.

Then you name your clip boards, how you need them to be and it keeps your projects and interests organized with everything you need to revisit it at a later date if necessary.  You also have the ability to set your boards private or public and you can share them with friends or coworkers to make collaboration a smooth and easy process.



If you want to make the clipping process even easier you can grab their browser extension and clip pretty much anything on the  Internet.

This is so awesome to be able to have everything in one place because who wants to carry a thumb drive around because Pinterest won’t save anything outside of images?  I don’t.  So I didn’t and now I use Clipix.

Seriously, if you want to be more organized this is a great way to do it.  And if you’re a blogger, it’s even better because you blogger types know we get blasted with new information daily so this is a neat way to keep all of it organized.


Clipix has some other features like the Price Alert.  Here’s how it works:   I can create a board of products that I’m interested in buying.  When the product goes on sale, Clipix will alert me. Who doesn’t like a fabulous sale on something we’ve been stalking for weeks?

I love getting a deal after I’ve been patiently waiting for the price to drop.

Here’s an infographic that conveys Clipix in a bit more visual detail: