Who loves cash back rebates for random and routine purchases?  I do!  If you shop at Best Buy, Target, Ebay, Walmart, Pier 1 Imports and other popular (even the not so popular) stores, you’ll get cash back if you go through  Up to 20% in some cases!

What Is Dollar Dig?

DollarDig is a website which gives you cash back incentives when you shop with their network of 3000+ stores.  You’ll get  cashback on almost anything you can buy online – better yet at some of the highest rates.

What You Need To Know

Here’s the rundown of what you need to know when shopping with DollarDig:

  • Their customer service is pretty fast – (usually within 12 hours – sometimes within minutes!)
  • You get a $2.50 referral bonus for inviting friends and family (credited once you make a purchase) and a $5 sign up bonus!
  • Low payout threshold – $25
  • They do not sell or share your information with anyone.
  • Payout via check, PayPal, or Dwolla – they are also open to more suggestions in tis area
  • Customer satisfaction is the highest among cashback stores.  They pride themselves on making you happy (while saving money!)
  • SSL which no other cashback sites offer – you can feel safe shopping online with them as their website is pretty secure from hackers
  • Thousands of coupons updated daily
  • Cashback is pending from 60-90 days.  After that it is available for withdrawal (pending a $25 minimum payout)
  • Cashback is stackable with your credit card reward programs!

How Does It Work?

There are a few ways to make DollarDig work for you but I find the following to be the best way:

  • Make a list of the stores you shop frequently online
  • Cross reference with DollarDig to make sure they are listed on the site
  • Sign up for an account and from DollarDig you’ll click to get to the store’s website
  • Shop and complete your purchase
  • Once you’ve built enough cash to pass the $25 threshold you can request payment via Paypal, Dwola or check.

This is a no-brainer because the process is easy, free and puts cash in your pocket just for shopping at a store you’d normally shop anyway.  This is a one man shop and the owner is truly committed to providing great customer service.  There are a range of cashback percentages on the site and if one store offers too little, then check their competitor as they may offer a higher percentage.

Check it out, sign up and start shopping today!

PS:  They currently have a special offer 20% cashback at Designer Intimates (lingerie) which is stackable with coupons.  That means up to 40% off for you!