Friday Fiscal Roundup: Living On The Edge Edition

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are comfortable living on the edge, but my hope is these articles will be able to give them some insight and perhaps incite some changes to their money habits.  A wise woman told me it’s better to deal with the devil you know than the one you don’t, but I still wonder what stops many from taking that first step.  Anyhoo, hopefully if you’re reading, you’ll gain some insight from the following articles.

From The PF Bloggers:

Living Almost Large



Flexo @ Consumerism Commentary has a fantastic series going on this week: Take Control Of Your Finances:

Jen @ Millionaire Mommy Next Door

I especially loved this picture as it depicts Jen’s zest for life and her intent to live it as such:

FB @ Fabulously Broke In The City

She talked about remaining frugal eventhough she’s raking in the cash.  Key to her story is that she is a freelancer and while she makes a good living now, there will be leaner years and months down the road so she is working towards being safe and comfortable during those years.

Question:  Do you know someone living on the edge?  What advice do you have for them?  Are you living on the edge?  What do you need to know to take the first step?

  • jrandom42

    Here's the real reason so many people live on the edge.

  • Flexo

    Thanks very much for the links!

  • Gingerlatte

    LOL! I havent forgotten your email either, I have just been super busy!

  • Fabulously Broke

    I FINALLY got to this post after a week of hell :) Thanks for the link!!!

  • Andrea

    I am brand new to your site (found via Twitter Motrin Moms issue). I am living as an expat in Germany and plan to conitnue to do so here or elsewhere for a few more years with the current economic crisis in America. I love the idea of your group though, supporting women in debt and offering them a chance to say I screwed up and got into this, help me to get out of it. It’s a great idea and a wonderful concept. Wish there was one around here!

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  • CreoleInDC

    I was shocked recently to find that yes I did know someone living on the edge. I would have never known had she not told me. I told her she needed to stop buying ish because every time I talked to her she’d been shopping or spa-ing or what not. I let her know that when she was old it was NOT gonna be cute living off of public assistance. She got mad and we haven’t spoken since.

  • Miss M

    I spent several years living on the edge, when I first bought my house. My income couldn’t cover my living expenses, so anything unexpected plus the regular necessities of life went on credit. I ended up with ~$22k on credit cards. The only advice I can give is don’t let your fixed expenses take up too much of your income, you need a cushion to cover the unexpected. I honestly didn’t realize what trouble I was in – I thought it was normal to have a lot of debt and a huge mortgage.

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