Follow up to Disillusionment and Frustation with Graduate Education

Creative Commons License photo credit: michael hilton

My readers are awesome! I’ve gotten so much positive feedback via email about this post. I figured I’d answer a few of your questions here.

So..what’s the plan when December gets here? Are you going to look for a job in your field when you graduate or will you just move on to your intended field of study?

I’m not quite sure. Today I started compiling a list of companies I plan to check in with this Fall to see about current openings. Being that I will graduate with two degrees I have a good amount of flexibility and reach with regards to the type of positions I can pursue.

The best thing about my program is that they are up to date on job openings in the field and the FBI, CIA and the other ABC boys recruit from our program, so I will keep my eyes open as the year winds down as they often have informational sessions for new graduates.

What do you plan to do if you don’t get a job in your current field? And kudos to you for being proactive about this, I would have been 2 years into my frustration before thinking about doing something else. I wish I had the motivation to just get up and decide I want to actually do something else but I’m so stuck.

I initially moved to DC to pursue computer forensics. For reasons I won’t go into here, I left the program and decided to take another path. This was pure silliness on my part and I should have seen my doubts and fears through before jumping the gun. I’m starting think that I should have seen the whole thing through and then made decisions from there. So in a sense, I am going back to what brought me here in the first place.

I have had a love for computers and investigations for as long as I can remember. My BA is in Criminal Justice and the criminal mind fascinates me! This is also the reason for my love of Forensic Psychology, so it all ties in together. So pursuing a Masters related to computer forensics is right up my alley and pretty lucrative here in the DC metro area once you get the degree and certifications under your belt. The program will take 1.5 years to finish and I plan to pay for it myself so I won’t be incurring any debt as a result which makes this pill easier to swallow.

How do you feel about abandoning something you’ve been working on I assume for the last 3 years? I don’t know about you Ginger, but I’d be pretty upset about spending so much time on this thing only to move towards something else.

I’m actually ok with it. I think what’s more depressing is knowing that I am so dedicated to my field but the pay scale isn’t what I NEED to keep me above water with regards to my student loans. Yes I am married and my hubby makes good money but I don’t want to use that as the reason why I should accept a salary that HS graduates make. I sound high saddity but I didn’t go to graduate school to struggle financially, not that we would be but I have this thing about making my OWN money. So I’m actually ok with doing something I love anyway that will compensate me accordingly for my time, work and effort.

I’m still figuring this out but one thing Ive learned is not to become so attached to something that it prevents you from seeing past inherent obstacles. Keep in mind that I am very motivated by money and will often look at a situation from a financial point of view before making decisions. Yea, I know, but its served me well so far.

Keep the questions coming, I know that some of you think I should wait and see how things go…and I will but I want to have a plan in place just in case I am not happy overall with what I see as December nears.