Toyota Financial Services is hosting Financial Fuel here in Washington DC on June 12, 2013, featuring guest speaker Glinda Bridgforth.  I interviewed Glinda to get a sneak peak about what she plans to share with us as well as how she made it from financial crisis to financial dynamo.  Take a look at our chat below:


What To Expect Based On The Last #FinancialFuel Event in Chicago

Glinda tells us that she is thrilled to be at #FinancialFuel event in DC.  In short, Chicago’s event was a hit. She loves that Toyota continues to provide financial education and literacy in a manner that meets its attendees needs without being stuffy.  Chicago’s event was a mixer with a message which made it different from other financial seminars.  #FinancialFuel is purely literary education to the community which makes it a first class educational endeavor.

Sneak Peak At What She’ll Discuss At The DC Event

Among the things Glinda plans to address at our DC event are:

  • Taking a look at how our emotions and self-esteem are tied to our finances
  • Monthly spending plans
  • Knowing what you owe and own.  Read that again.

Glinda’s Light Bulb Moment During Her Financial Crisis

Glinda and I talked about her light bulb moment which helped propel her to where she is today.  In short, she was in the midst of an emotional, spiritual and financial during her pursuit of “having it all”.

“What I thought was a good lifestyle, was really a lifestyle based on credit.  God was trying to “check me.  I was burnt out with banking (as a banker/bank manager) and my marriage and finances were falling apart.  I was spiritually bankrupt”.

How She Turned Things Around

Given the range of issues she was facing, Glinda went to an EAP counselor who then referred her to a financial coach.  She reports that her core issue centered around being codependent in her relationships which caused her to be more concerned about meeting everyone else’s needs than her own.  With that came a lot of shame, embarrassment and anxiety in having to face these issues head on.

But, she had help and now she had a plan!  Glinda turned things around and here’s how you can do the same:

Acknowledge the Issue

Get support.  Address “what did I create” with yourself and/or find a nonjudgmental and safe group of people that you can do this with so that you don’t feel criticized and shamed for some of the decisions that you’ve made thus far.

Own Your Role In What Happened

Glinda owned her role in the events that lead up to her financial crisis.  She attended codependent anonymous groups where she shared some of her more personal experiences and from that she learned that her image mattered more than the reality.  She had the money, cars and all the material things but none of that made her happy which was the moment which helped her realize that she wasn’t perhaps living an authentic life.

Create A Plan

We’ve all heard it before: in order to get where you want to go, you need a plan.  Find an objective person with a proven track record and enlist them to help you remain accountable as you move towards your goals.

Set A Goal: Know And Embrace Your Why

Establishing and knowing your why fuels the desire to meet your goals.  This gives you a reason why you’re sacrificing and engaging in a higher level of discipline.  Without understanding your why, this is just another goal that you’ll meet – one day.  The following steps will help you get there faster:


    • Be willing to sacrifice
    • Be disciplined
    • Make it your business to get there!  You must have a burning desire to achieve this goal
    • Get an accountability partner


Will You Be There?