Structured Settlements is something that is blind and unknown to many. Luckily the experts at where kind enough to provide this helpful data and information for those “who need cash now” as the commercial so popularly states. Info on the industry is something there should be more of online.

My clients are always asking me questions, so I decided to address some of them in this article. The most often asked questions are:

What exactly is a structured-settlement?, What types of disputes can it be used as a settlement option?, and How can you sell a settlement-annuity? I am going to address all of these areas, and add a few facts here and there.

The Structured Settlement

This is a very popular and versatile fiduciary instrument that is being used to settle cases involving seriously injured claimants. It is simply a promise to pay a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time. The purpose of it to conserve the funds awarded to the Plaintiff, by spreading out payments over a long period of time.

Payments can be for a few years, all the way to a lifetime. It used to be that insurance claims were paid out in large lump-sums of cash. It was quickly noted that the main part of these awards would vanish in a short period of time. This was because Plaintiffs and Guardians would spend the money on things not related to the case, such as cars, clothes, vacations and jewelry.

This type of settlement is negotiated between the parties, subject to approval by a Judge. The courts are looking to protect the interests of the injured party and their family. An agreement can be crafted to meet the needs of the Plaintiff. It might start out with a lump-sum payment, followed by monthly payments, and could even have future milestone-payments in the agreement that will address issues like College Tuition, and medical expenses.

The structured settlement has been used to pay Attorney’s Fees, Child Support, Medical Negligence Cases, Workers Comp Cases, Slip & Fall, and other personal injury cases. Even lottery winnings are sometimes paid through an annuity.

To Sell, or Not To Sell

If you are doing great financially, you would probably never consider selling your annuity. The problem is that in a bad economy, a lot of people are hurting. They are miserable, waking-up each day to repeated phone-calls from creditors, and the threat of losing your home, and maybe your car.

You can consider yourself lucky if you have a settlement that you can sell to raise funds. I have several clients who have changed their lives by selling their income-stream for a large lump sum of cash. Having the cash opens doors that were locked. One of my clients had the opportunity to invest in an ongoing successful business with a friend.

He sold his annuity, and took part of the proceeds, and bought a 35% share in a money-making business. There was money left over to invest in such a way that he replaced the income-stream he had sold. Another client was able to get his Mortgage Payments current, as well as his car payments. He chose to only sell a portion of his annuity, and retain some future payments. Selling your annuity can make things look a whole lot better.

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