Some of us like the term retail therapy. But that doesn’t change the fact that many of us are guilty of this financial sin which leaves us asking ourselves why did we purchase that DVF dress in the first place?

Let’s look at why we tend to overspend and ladies I mean you! (after all this site targets women 🙂 )

I discussed previously Bankrate’s article about how women are socialized to view money as a way to maintain a certain lifestyle while men are conditioned to invest for the long term. While this isn’t true for every woman, I certainly participate in this big time! I’m not huge on mall shopping but when Im feeling down I tend to seek out things that make me feel, well, indulgent. For example, we just got back from what was supposed to be a quick 1 hour trip to the wharf to pick up crabs for the Superbowl game. Just as we passed Eastern Market, I remembered that another blogger was going to be there selling crocheted bags. And that’s a weakness of mine so I couldnt help it! But that’s not the issue. You see, once we stepped into Eastern Market it was like putting two year olds in a FAO Shcwartz store! I’ve been looking for black pearls and I found a darling necklace/earring set that I had to have. How did I justify the purchase? I deserved it since Ive been having a rough week. Even my best friend told me “go on you deserve it!” Then another lady started cheering me on and so I broke down and bought it! Argghhh! I imagined this post in my head while she swiped the card, thinking, just how am I going to justify this purchase? I won’t, only to say that it was love at first sight and I had to have it. So add to the previous weekend damage, $55. Well, $95 if you add the crocheted bag.

Evidence of the crime:

How is this maintenance of a lifestyle? Well, buying those pearls and then wearing them I feeeeel like a lady! *channeling my inner Betty Boop here* I know that most of you don’t know me in person but I am girly girl. I love most things pink, feminine, flirty and sophisticated. And in giving myself a chance to be introspective, I know that I didn’t need those pearls, I wanted them because they make me feel good. Relate much? I think most of you can and its ok, we just need to recognize this while it happening and make better decisions. Wait, I’m the one who fell into temptation here! LOL! It’s a process and I don’t profess to be perfect, I certainly have weaknesses. But I’m able to check myself most times, just not, or it becomes that much harder when pearls are involved.

Hi, my name is Ginger and I am an addict. Some of my other indulgences include Coldstone ice cream, Pier One candles, Ann Taylor Loft sales and candlelit dinners with my sweetness at Warehouse Bar and Grill.

Anyhoo, I’ve gotta do better and certainly, having this blog keeps me accountable. 6 months ago I would have bought the pearls and not given them another thought. Now I have readers to be accountable to and that’s enough to help me get back on the straight and narrow.

What are some things you purchase when you need a pick me up?

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