Even though American women lead major nonprofits, have headed major corporations or served as high executives, and run household budgets, they often rely on their husbands investments instead of choosing their own. While its not wrong to enjoy the fruits of your husbands labor, you can experience more financial stability and confidence if you choose the investments that will help you in the long term.

A Brief History

About half a century ago, when a male spouse died, the woman was left to fend for herself. Often, they had no income of their own and no investments. The Social Security check didnt do much to help a widow survive. Thankfully, that situation has changed in the last 50 years, but some women continue to struggle without their husbands money. To protect against this situation, it is wise for you to have your own investment plan and strategy.

I Dont Understand

Many women say they dont invest because they dont understand how to invest. Many of the books on investing are written using jargon and complicated terms. Still, women can find books and websites that will help them understand.

Not understanding is not a good enough reason to risk your financial future. The Whole Kitt and Caboodle by Susan Laubach is one such investment book. It explains terms about stock markets and investments in a fun and entertaining way.

Another book that helps people who dont understand money and budgeting is 20 Secrets to Money and Independence by Joline Godfrey. While these books are for anyone, they are geared for women who are skittish about investing. Websites will teach you how to invest too. For example, you can learn about binary options in their simplest form if you do some research.

Why Do Women Need to Invest?

Longer Lifespans

Women outlive men by almost a decade. During much of that time, most wont have an income. Life insurance policies provide only so much money. When that runs out, you might have a problem. 401K plans and pension plans have restrictions on them, which means you cant draw on them forever. After your husband dies, you can be the beneficiary for a certain time, then, that disappears, too. Plus, women only get a fraction of the pension that the husband gets.

Invest in Industries you Care About

You can choose what you like. If your husband likes technology stocks, but you prefer beauty products, you can put your money toward those companies that trade in beauty, such as LOreal. If you have a passion about a particular companys social responsibility platform, you can invest there. You can pick mutual funds that closely align with your beliefs if they differ from your husbands. You also can pass down your passion to your children.

Financial Independence

You can be financially independent. Being able to pay the bills without having to worry about your husband is a great feeling. Having your own investments means you can have your own money that will allow you to live on your own terms. If you should get a divorce, you wont have to worry about making ends meet because you will have an income of your own.

Set an Example

Teach your children about money. When you are working, your children are watching what you do. They are paying attention to how much you save and what you are doing with your money. When you invest your money, you show your children the value of money and the need to invest for the future.

Tax Shelter

Avoid taxes. Many investments, such as individual retirement accounts, are tax-deferred. You dont pay taxes on that money until you draw out the income. This tax-deferment can lower your tax bracket and income overall. Thus, you pay fewer taxes. When you are ready to remove your investment, you begin to pay taxes, but you still might have a lower rate depending on your investment income.

Stop Worrying

You can stop worrying about money. If you have your own investments independent of your spouse, you can stop worrying about where you will get money. The investments will provide you growth and income options, which will provide you the money you need to survive now and in the future.

Now is the time to make investment decisions for yourself. Find books, websites and talk to people who can teach you how to do it. Some investments can be completed for just a few dollars a week.