Nicole James lives paycheck to paycheck which means she spends exactly what she earns until the next payday.  With no money saved for emergencies, in the event of a lay off or unexpected large expense, she runs the risk of losing everything she’s worked hard to achieve since moving to DC 4 years ago.

“It seems like no matter how hard I work, I’m still short on cash a few days before payday” she says.

Enter Toyota’s #FinancialFuel along with Glinda Bridgforth who ushered in a breath of fresh air for many DC women in Nicole’s position: needing solutions around how to fill their financial tank.

The event was first class in every way.  It was superbly organized and everything flowed like a well oiled machine.  The venue’s ambiance was classy with a dose of grown and sexy with dinner and drinks for everyone to indulge.  Still, this was a mixer with a powerful financial message: “Girl, Get Your Money Straight”, also the title of Glinda’s book.  Glinda’s compelling speech pushed attendees to get real about their financial situations and own their roles in the string of events leading them to where they are today.

“I think I need to stop going out to lunch at work and the happy hours need to stop too.  If I’m living paycheck to paycheck and finding money to go out to lunch and happy hour then I can save that money or pay off my credit card!” Nicole adds.

Glinda understands intrinsically the need to keep up with the Jones’ while pretending that the lifestyle being lived is anything but based on credit.  She’s lived it.  And, she understands first-hand what it feels like to feign living a happy and authentic life.

“What I thought was a good lifestyle, was really a lifestyle based on credit.  God was trying to “check me.  I was burnt out with banking (as a banker/bank manager) and my marriage and finances were falling apart.  I was spiritually bankrupt”. – says Glinda

Some have asked, “why do we need to know how did I get here?”  Understanding the events leading up to your financial crisis gives you insight on your role as well as helping you forge a plan on how to avoid this road in the future.  If the financial crisis you’re in currently hurts enough then you’ll go searching for a new way to manage your money.  If not, then you’ll just hope to get out of the crisis while remaining in debt while making no appreciable progress towards becoming financially free.

Nicole James left DC’s #FinancialFuel event feeling that she’d had a light bulb moment.  That is, finding her role in the course of events which forces her to live paycheck to paycheck.  With education and insight, now she’s on her way to creating a spending plan which will enable her to save money she had no idea was available in her budget.  She has Toyota’s #FinancialFuel to thank for that!