Getting ready for Christmas is all part of the excitement leading up to the big day and decorating your house announces that Christmas is nearly here! If you like to have Christmas lights it is important to make sure you keep your family and your house safe. Here are 5 tips to make sure you stay safe and your house looks great this festive season.

Do not use damaged lights

When you grab the Christmas lights you used last year out of the box give them a thorough check before plugging them in. Inspect all of the cables and bulbs for any sign of wear or damage. If they are even slightly damaged then dispose of them safely and buy new ones.

Don’t buy second hand

If you need to buy new Christmas lights this year then make sure you only buy brand new ones, which you can do from Tesco. Buying second hand means the lights have already had some use and you can never be sure whether there has been a problem with them previously.

Don’t get your lights mixed up

It may seem obvious but if you are decorating the inside and outside of your house, don’t get your lights mixed up. In the excitement to get the decorations finished it can be easy to hang the wrong lights, and that could be hazardous. Label each set of lights clearly so you won’t get them mixed up.

Unplug your lights when not in use

Christmas lights are not designed to be left on 24/7. You don’t want your lights overheating. When you go out, go to bed or just during the day, unplug your lights to give them a break.

Know what you want and go for it

If you go shopping without a plan of what you want, you are likely to go home with everything! String lights are perfect for putting around your trees, while silhouette lights can be placed anywhere throughout your home. Rope lights can often be used indoors and outdoors and can be manipulated into whatever shapes you want, or left in straight lines to hang around doors or windows. For outdoor lights why not go for the solar powered option and save some money. You can get silhouette lights of various Christmas features or why not line the path up to your door with lights and make it feel like to walk up to a grotto.

Safety is vitally important when it comes to Christmas lights but you also want to make your house look festive and exciting. By following these tips you can have a festive Christmas without the risk.