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Why I Can’t I Leave My Abusive Relationship?

Have you ever wondered by some women stay in abusive relationships?  You may be thinking “I’d never stay with a physically abusive partner!  I’d leave his @$$ for sure!” Think twice about that because the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is the moment the woman tries to leave.  Once she becomes entangled with an abuser, it’s hard to leave …

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5 Ways Mind Mapping Applications Can Help You Focus on Financial Goals

Mind mapping applications are excellent tools to help you focus on attainable goals in order to reach a much larger objective. As many of these online apps are free to use, you can develop an intricate budget plan giving you a visual aid to help you secure your financial future. How can you use these applications to your advantage? Breaking …

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Join Our Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs with Jen Groover, Avon + Me

Female entrepreneurs ROCK.  And Avon is in the business of empowering women to embrace entrepreneurship giving them the financial freedom they crave.  This is my third series with Avon and I am continually amazed at the life-changing stories shared by women who utilized the opportunity to quit their job, pay off debt and/or achieve financial freedom.   I am in the …

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Salary Woman

Women’s Pay Gap: Playing Devil’s Advocate With The Income Disparity

Though work is usually the cause of greatest stress, not many women would go back to being housewives, as in earlier times. Regardless of the negative aspects of working outside of the home and spending long hours away from family, women feel more empowered and liberated knowing they don’t have to depend on anyone. It’s been a very long struggle …

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Business Plan Woman

Saving a Troubled Business

Acknowledging that your business is suffering is one of the hardest things to do, especially after the time and monetary investments involved in startup. The failure of new businesses – and even seasoned ones in this economy – is not always the fault of poor management. A range of factors can determine your business’s potential for success and expansion – …

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Confession: I Buy Clothes Off Season At Target

How many times have you agonized about updating your wardrobe but hesitant to do so because it might get too expensive?  I know I have and on many occasions Ive just opted not to do so.  Well you’ll be happy to know that something that I’ve started doing is shopping off season at Target. My day job requires that I …

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Rented Appliances?

Do you own a home but rent certain electronic equipment, like a TV or a DVD player? What would happen if the appliances were damaged in a fall or from a power surge from an electrical storm? Your homeowners insurance policy covers the items in your home that you own, but what about appliances from popular rental centers? Are you …

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5 Ways to Help Others While Helping Yourself

While no one wants to admit to having a “You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours” mentality, many of us do keep subtle track of whether or not what we’re up to in our relationships, career, hobbies and the like are of any benefit to us. The trouble with wanting to come out ahead in every situation, of course, is …

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Up to Her Eyeballs In Debt: How Cait Killed $21,000 In Debt

Bad day? What do you do?  Spend money.  If you have a great day and want to celebrate what do you do?  Spend money.   Money, like eating, results in a temporary emotional comfort.  And just like over eating, over spending can be damaging over the long term. Overspending based on emotion “Emotional spending is nearly always a mistake” says Woman’s …

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Woman Making Money Online

6 Money-Saving Tips for Freelancers

Working freelance has become an extremely attractive option for many. It presents many advantages, including the freedom to manage your time, the chance to earn more than what you can from a regular job, and choose the projects you work on. But with great freedom comes great responsibility—as we often hear—and freelancing also entails the need for discipline when it …

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Four Tips to Follow to Survive a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Financially

Even though it may not be considered as drastic or life-altering as a Chapter 7, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is definitely a rocky stepping stone that many people have to cross each year within the United States. There is an average of more than 340,000 cases of this particular filing each year, according to US Courts, which makes it …

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Make Money Online

Four Key Factors to Consider When Developing a Corporate Marketing Plan

To a prospective or existing business owner a business plan is the same as a blueprint is to an architect. Before you can build the structure of your business, you need to have a well-developed business plan to serve as a blueprint for the overall construction process. One of the most important parts of the plan has to be the …

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Paydayloans Woman

A New Breed of Loan

We’ve all been there, counting down the days till our next payday, frantically calculating every extra dollar spent on lunch and coffee, trying to save every last penny to make it to payday. And at this time of year, the wait until you get to payday can be even longer with all of those parties to attend, holiday dresses to …

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In Defense of Working Mothers

One of the most difficult issues debated among women in their twenties and thirties is the ideal time to have children. There are some obvious cons with being a mother with a career, such as potential workplace prejudice, being unable to be around one’s children as much as they’d like, less flexibility in family plans, and dealing with the financial …

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Sick Day

FMLA, Short and Long Term Disability: Your Umbrellas When Disaster Strikes

It’s open enrollment time around these parts and I personally had a lot of questions about FMLA, Short and Long Term Disability.  So I sat down with our HR lady to discuss options and possibilities. In a previous position I did hold short term disability insurance but let it lapse because I had a lot going on at the time …

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