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Woman Making Money Online

6 Money-Saving Tips for Freelancers

Working freelance has become an extremely attractive option for many. It presents many advantages, including the freedom to manage your time, the chance to earn more than what you can from a regular job, and choose the projects you work on. But with great freedom comes great responsibility—as we often hear—and freelancing also entails the need for discipline when it …

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Beautiful Woman And Broken Piggy Bank 18jg0022rf

Four Tips to Follow to Survive a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Financially

Even though it may not be considered as drastic or life-altering as a Chapter 7, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is definitely a rocky stepping stone that many people have to cross each year within the United States. There is an average of more than 340,000 cases of this particular filing each year, according to US Courts, which makes it …

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Make Money Online

Four Key Factors to Consider When Developing a Corporate Marketing Plan

To a prospective or existing business owner a business plan is the same as a blueprint is to an architect. Before you can build the structure of your business, you need to have a well-developed business plan to serve as a blueprint for the overall construction process. One of the most important parts of the plan has to be the …

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Paydayloans Woman

A New Breed of Loan

We’ve all been there, counting down the days till our next payday, frantically calculating every extra dollar spent on lunch and coffee, trying to save every last penny to make it to payday. And at this time of year, the wait until you get to payday can be even longer with all of those parties to attend, holiday dresses to …

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Macys 1

Macy’s Friends and Family Coupon December 2013 – Print here!

Im not sure about you but I am still recovering from my self-inflicted carb coma due to having second and third helpings during Thanksgiving!  It doesn’t help having to drag holiday luggage hoping to get back home unscathed being that so many people are traveling this weekend.   But, I made it home safely and planning my Cyber Monday shopping. …

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In Defense of Working Mothers

One of the most difficult issues debated among women in their twenties and thirties is the ideal time to have children. There are some obvious cons with being a mother with a career, such as potential workplace prejudice, being unable to be around one’s children as much as they’d like, less flexibility in family plans, and dealing with the financial …

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Sick Day

FMLA, Short and Long Term Disability: Your Umbrellas When Disaster Strikes

It’s open enrollment time around these parts and I personally had a lot of questions about FMLA, Short and Long Term Disability.  So I sat down with our HR lady to discuss options and possibilities. In a previous position I did hold short term disability insurance but let it lapse because I had a lot going on at the time …

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Credit Debt

5 Reasons Why You’re In Debt Up To Your Eyeballs

We’ve all seen the Lending Tree commercials where the guy sarcastically says: “I’m in debt up to my eyeballs. I can barely pay my finance charges. Somebody help me!” If that sounds like you, read on. Here are a few reasons why you’re swimming in debt and what you can do about it. No spending plan Without a plan or …

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First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit House

Devil’s Advocate: 3 Reasons Not To Refinance

Should we refinance or not? Should we just pay off the mortgage and forget about refinancing? These are questions homeowners ask a lot; particularly when the interest rates are really low. Still, refinancing can be a bad idea and may harm you in the future. If you’re thinking of refinancing, you may want to consider the following questions before moving …

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Woman Looking At Credit Report

Your Wallet Called: Grey Charges Are Costing You Dearly

Chances are you’re being hit with grey charges and you have no idea. To make matters worse, by the time you realize their presence on your credit card statement, you’ve already been charged for a few months or more. After getting past the initial frustration that your account has been siphoned, you must now spend time trying to reverse or …

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Ways To Make Money Online

4 Websites That Help You Save Time + Money When You Have Little Of Both

If you’re like me then you have very little time on your hands, let alone making time for extra projects that pop up along the way during the day.  For example I had to take care of the following tasks in a short amount of time and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money: Graphic designer to create …

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Marriage Money E1378739486445

I Do…But….Money Questions You Better Ask Before Getting Married

“I do”. But. ….. how’s your credit? …..what about those delinquent child support payments? ……how about the taxes you still owe the government? ……what’s your financial plan for the next 1,3 and 5 years? ……are we financially compatible? These are just a few questions that any woman should be asking prior to getting married.  But even with all the articles …

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Bad Credit After Divorce

5 Things Every Divorcee Must Know

The old joke that the only people who win in a divorce are the lawyers doesn’t have to be true.  There are some simple yet important steps that you can take to ensure that you weather and recover from a divorce in a quick and painless manner.  This is another example of the fact that in finances, the most important …

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Facts About Divorce 1026181155 Jul 24 2012 600x398

3 Tax Warnings (and Tips) For The Newly Divorced

Divorce can be rough and if you’ve been through one then you know that it means an upheaval of every area of your life which makes the transition that much harder.  I’ll preface this by reminding you that I am not a CFP or a CPA and you must consult with the local and federal laws as they relate to …

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Woman Negotiating

Equifax Gets OWNED: Woman Wins $18M Lawsuit Because of Credit Errors

If you’ve ever disputed an incorrect item on your credit report only to be pulled into a fight with the credit bureau – read on.  You’ll love this.  Dispute and we’ll investigate Equifax said… If you believe that any item of information contained in your Equifax credit file is incomplete or inaccurate, simply notify us directly and we will promptly …

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