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Now This Is How You Live On Half Of Your Income!

Living on half your income. Impossible? No. Daunting? Yes. How do we accomplish this? With willpower made of steely determination and making major sacrifices. Add to that a dash of honesty, and you’re on your way. Easy, right? All joking aside, the obvious first step is to cut back on your spending, and the way you do that is by …

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New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Richer

Being frugal isn’t something that you look forward to, after all it means that you’ll be giving up or cutting back on some or all of your favorite activities. What if you found a way to cut back without giving up those things completely? And best of all save money?  Check out the following ways to hack your budget and …

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Cold Weather Spiking Your Heating Bill?

While I don’t live in Chiberia (Chicago) it’s so cold that I saw the devil with a blanket and Theraflu outside O_o  That said, you may be worried about your heating bill this month given the frigid temperatures.   Check out this tip from one of our readers, Nicole: Cold got your heating bill high? Try this cool trick I …

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5 Tips to Save Energy (and Money!) When Doing Laundry

Doing laundry eats up a lot of energy and is responsible for a good share of your monthly bills. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to save on energy in the laundry room. Here are five to get you started: Wash in Cold Water 80% of the energy used by your washing machine goes into heating water. While you may …

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Even More Tips To Save Money – Daily

You may be under the impression that you are surrounded with temptations and money-spending occasions. Why not take things the other way? Your daily life is packed with dozens of money saving opportunities. Grab 10 easy tips that will help you put a halt on overspending:     1. Plan in Advance And Go Grocery Shopping Only Once a Week …

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Gas Prices

5 Super Saver Tips to Stop Gas And Groceries From Guzzling Your Wallet

Our friends at FOX Business – Stocks Editor Elizabeth MacDonald, shares with us tips on how to save given the rise on food and gas prices. The Labor Department reported today that consumer prices rose last month by the most in three years.  Higher gas prices were responsible for about 80% of the increase, and food prices rose 0.2 percent. …

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Extreme Couponing

How to Extreme Coupon & Save on Groceries (and time!)

Couponing has increased in both interest and practice over the last few years due to many families falling on  hard times.  For example, Thanksgiving forces many families to consider how to feed at least 5-25 people on a budget.  Yikes!  That’s alotta moolah! We tell you how to do just that in today’s article. Using Thanksgiving as an example, here …

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10 Easy Money-Saving Ideas Anyone Can Use

In today’s tough economy, saving money is a top priority for many individuals and families. Enacting money-saving measures can help families get through tough times today and prepare for a brighter future. Cutting back on a family budget can be difficult but is certainly not impossible. There are many simple cost-cutting measures that anyone can use to save money. The …

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How to Make Room in Your Budget for Ridiculous Gas Prices!

Admittedly, I drive a large vehicle.  However, when I filled my tank this week for a grand total of $110 I almost fell over.  When will the madness end?!  In the meantime, most of us have no choice but to continue to drive our vehicles, so something’s gotta give when you’re maintaining a strict budget.  Luckily, there are some easy, …

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Saving for College: The Lowdown on 529 Plans

It is never too early to start saving for college for your children!  529 plans are an excellent tax-advantaged investment tool to save for higher education expenses.  Here is a guide to introduce you to how they work. What is a 529 Plan? A 529 plan is a college savings plan named after Section 529 of the IRS tax code.  …

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Should You Save For College Or Retirement?

The article, Expecting the Expenses in the Washington Post highlights issues couples should consider when deciding to have children. Here are the some of the main points gleaned from the article: If you are planning on having children, save as much money as you can before baby gets here. Kids are expensive, but do I really need to tell you …

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Your Budget Called: “Stop Wasting Money With Groupon!”

Are you one of those people with several unused Groupon or Living Social vouchers in your account?  If so then pull up a seat, because this post is right on time for you.  Maybe you’re thinking that you save money with companies like Groupon, and maybe you’ve scored a few unbelievable deals. But the most expensive is the one you …

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Why Extreme Couponing is For Suckers: 6 Better Money Saving Ideas

  The art of shopping has become quite a complicated affair. It has become an art form because on one side you have the business owner who has to keep selling or he or she doesn’t make a living, and the consumers on the other side who really only want to buy what they need but are tempted on all …

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Save Money Series: Chopping Down Wedding Expenses

Over the last few weeks, several friends, family members and acquaintances have gotten engaged which of course has prompted discussions around wedding planning and the inevitable, how much will all of this cost?  Your wedding should be memorable, but it shouldn’t break the bank.  Check out the following tips on how to save in different areas: Budget Costs and Save …

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Cold Weather= High Energy Bills: 5 Money Saving Tips!

Last week I got my gas and electric bills only to be surprised that the utility companies owed me money in the form of a credit on my account.  I set up my bank’s bill pay system to pay all of my bills so I didn’t really notice that I was overpaying until I logged into the account. Well, to …

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