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Quarter Life Crisis Tips Women Video

Quarter Life Personal Finance: 5 Tips To Manage Your Money In The Midst Of Chaos

If you recently graduated from college then you’ve been hit with the task of managing your own finances.  You may now have a job with a decent paycheck and along with that comes bills, unplanned expenses and learning to balance your checking account.  During this time you may also be experiencing some confusion, doubt and you can’t shake the feeling …

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Thinking Money

How a Car Loan Can Save You Money

Borrowing money for a car is something pretty much everyone does. Mostly this is because the actual cash cost of a car is more than most people have saved up. However, there’s a lot more to it than just borrowing. There’s also the investment factor, and if you’re smart, you can save more money with a car loan than you’d …

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Save Money Moving

4 Creative Ways to Help Pay for Moving

The cost of moving is expensive given the deposits and transfers of utilities alone. The additional cost to hire a moving service, buy packing materials and paying additional help adds up quickly. There are cheaper ways to move that will still allow you money for items that the new place will need. Offer Pizza and Drinks for Help from Friends …

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Save More Money

5 Ways To Make Money By This Evening

If you have rent due tomorrow or you need to pay somebody by tomorrow, it is too easy to think that the only way to get out of the financial pickle you’re in is to take out a loan. I don’t blame you. Most people think this way because it definitely takes care of the problem. Sadly, it is too …

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Falling In Love With Your Money One Transaction At A Time

Usually, when it comes to personal finance issues, the words ‘saving’ and ‘fun’ or ‘love’ aren’t mentioned in the same sentence. In many cases, they are spaced very far apart. There’s a good reason for this: most people consider saving a chore. We tend to think saving money involves denying ourselves all the good stuff life has to offer – …

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Woma Car Keys

The Girl’s Guide to Used Cars

It’s very likely that, at some point in your life, you’ll be the owner of a used car. Perhaps you’re just not interested in the high monthly loan and insurance payments that come with buying new or perhaps you’re interested in a specific older make and model. Regardless, used cars are often very wise choices when it comes to vehicle …

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Whole Foods On The Cheap: 25 Items Cheaper At Whole Foods

The Whole Foods gods must have been listening this week because I’ve been struggling with eating organic and low fat while maintaining a reasonable food budget. So what’s a girl on a budget to do?  Apparently, the following foods are cheaper at Whole Foods: 1. Organic milk. Whole Foods’s 365 Everyday Value Brand was priced at $4.99 a gallon, while Safeway’s O Organics …

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Money Wedding

Hidden Costs that Can Break Your Wedding Budget

If your dream wedding is turning into a budgeting nightmare – you are not alone! Nearly one-third of all brides break their budgets,* and with the average wedding costing $27,000,* every dollar counts. Springleaf Financial, a leading consumer finance company, uncovers hidden wedding costs that can quickly add up to hundreds – and even thousands – of dollars in unexpected …

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Buy Home1

Tips On Protecting Your Wallet and Energy Bill

If you’re out of power at home, it could be for any number of reasons. From circuit issues to power cuts and problems with your meter, there are many stages involved in delivering energy to your home which could go wrong. Faulty or inefficient meters can lead to energy waste, which can be expensive and devastating for both the environment …

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Now This Is How You Live On Half Of Your Income!

Living on half your income. Impossible? No. Daunting? Yes. How do we accomplish this? With willpower made of steely determination and making major sacrifices. Add to that a dash of honesty, and you’re on your way. Easy, right? All joking aside, the obvious first step is to cut back on your spending, and the way you do that is by …

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Women Money

New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Richer

Being frugal isn’t something that you look forward to, after all it means that you’ll be giving up or cutting back on some or all of your favorite activities. What if you found a way to cut back without giving up those things completely? And best of all save money?  Check out the following ways to hack your budget and …

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Bubble Wrap Window

Cold Weather Spiking Your Heating Bill?

While I don’t live in Chiberia (Chicago) it’s so cold that I saw the devil with a blanket and Theraflu outside O_o  That said, you may be worried about your heating bill this month given the frigid temperatures.   Check out this tip from one of our readers, Nicole: Cold got your heating bill high? Try this cool trick I …

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Woman Money

5 Tips to Save Energy (and Money!) When Doing Laundry

Doing laundry eats up a lot of energy and is responsible for a good share of your monthly bills. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to save on energy in the laundry room. Here are five to get you started: Wash in Cold Water 80% of the energy used by your washing machine goes into heating water. While you may …

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Girls Money Woman

Even More Tips To Save Money – Daily

You may be under the impression that you are surrounded with temptations and money-spending occasions. Why not take things the other way? Your daily life is packed with dozens of money saving opportunities. Grab 10 easy tips that will help you put a halt on overspending:     1. Plan in Advance And Go Grocery Shopping Only Once a Week …

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Gas Prices

5 Super Saver Tips to Stop Gas And Groceries From Guzzling Your Wallet

Our friends at FOX Business – Stocks Editor Elizabeth MacDonald, shares with us tips on how to save given the rise on food and gas prices. The Labor Department reported today that consumer prices rose last month by the most in three years.  Higher gas prices were responsible for about 80% of the increase, and food prices rose 0.2 percent. …

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