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Engagement Ring

You’re Engaged, Now What?

A wedding is a milestone that will be filled with cherished memories as you start your future together. You’ve started looking at dates, venues, dresses and you’re the proud owner of a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Now what? Your wedding bands and engagement rings symbolize your love and commitment, and will continue to be important pieces throughout your lifetime, and …

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Facts About Divorce 1026181155 Jul 24 2012 600x398

First Comes Divorce Then Comes Bankruptcy – Or Should It?

Often, finances are the biggest stressors in relationships. Frequently, couples caught up in financial problems believe that divorce is the answer to their problem and each partner blames the other for the ongoing money woes. The belief that the other person is responsible, may, or may not, be true. A good adage to remember though is: you can divorce your …

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Bad Credit After Divorce

Contemplating Divorce? I Hope You Don’t Live Here

If you’re thinking about filing for divorce, I hope you don’t live in one of the following states. Divorce is never a pleasant experience, even under the most amicable of circumstances.   In the antagonistic structure of divorce court, there is always a winner and a loser.   Ask 20 people which states are the worst ones in which to get a …

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Woman Rising

Broken Promises and Bank Accounts Part 2: Redemption

Here’s part 2 of Susan’s journey to regain her sanity and credit after she finds out that her fiance racked up thousands in credit card debt -  in her name. I have some questions for Susan in quotes but maybe readers can share some insights as well.   I couldn’t believe it; I had become a deplorable statistic. I was …

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Crying Woman

Broken Promises and Bank Accounts Part 1

What do I have in common with Sandra Bullock, Elin Nordegren and Anne Hathaway? All four of us were duped by our significant others, completely unaware of their “secret lives”. When I learned of Michael’s emotional and financial deception, I felt like biggest chump in the world. I was angry at him and furious at myself for being so naïve …

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Woman Divorce3

Success After Divorce: How She Did It

It is said that all is fair in love and war.  When it comes to matters of the heart I may tend to agree, but when it comes to our money the rules aren’t so clear.  We always hear horror stories about women who are left with nothing after a divorce, or even worse women who are left with nothing …

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For Love or for Money: Should You Get a Prenup?

First comes love then comes … prenup? Yes, this is the reality for many couples facing the prospect of getting married and sharing assets. If there are concerns around the viability of the marriage the first question should be: Should I get married? That’s an obvious question many hesitate to answer. Mostly because we resist using logic concerning an emotional …

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Stepford Wife E1380161722945

In Defense Of Women Who Want To “Be Provided For”

“I mean, I don’t need him to be rich or anything, I just need for him to be making enough to provide for me some day, you know?” – seen at TeacherFinance.org If you’ve read some of the more contentious articles here, then you know there was a time when I drew a hard line when it came to women …

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Wealthy Couple

He Used A Coupon On Our First Date! Does He Get A Second Chance?

“A woman who doesn’t like me using a coupon on the first date isn’t the woman for me” – Anonymous single male What are your thoughts on men who use coupons on first dates?  Are they cheap? Frugal?  Smart?  Would he get a second date?  Or would you write him off as a cheap @$$%$@! Chances are if you’re a …

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Living As A Couple? You May Be Better Off Than Singles

Managing money can be one of the biggest challenges that face couples living together. Therefore its little wonder that financial issues are often cited as the top reason for divorce and separation. So it may come as a surprise to find that cohabiting couples are, on average, over $1800 (or £1,200) better off each year than those living on their …

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Teaming Up on Your Finances: 7 Tips for Handling Money Together

There’s no doubt about it: combining finances can be one of the most difficult pieces of marriage. Just look at the statistics. Recent research shows that money-related fights are better at predicting divorce than disagreements about splitting chores, spending time together, sex, or even in-laws! In fact, couples who fight about finances once a week are 30% more likely than …

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Aa Couple Talking In Bed

Should You Take Money Advice from Your Spouse?

I have a personal philosophy: I try to only take advice from experts. Some subjects are definitely too nuanced for a hard line like this, but for most topics where there are experts, I do my best to seek them out when I need help. For example, I shy away from taking relationship advice from folks who aren’t in happy …

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Are You Playing The Wife Role For The Girlfriend’s Salary?

If this offends someone. Good.  That means you’re doing something wrong and should read the rest to make sure you’re not making dumb money moves that typically lead us to Judge Mathis’ or Judge Judy’s court room. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many women show up on a judge show begging to be compensated for something they should have …

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Are You Financially Compatible Or Headed For Disaster? 3 Ways To Find Out!

The feeling of meeting your perfect match and falling in love is a feeling like no other.  But what happens when differences in your financial approach puts a little strain on your everlasting love? Money management, budgeting and savings strategies are subjects that may not be a priority for couples when they start dating, but as you merge your lives …

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Hide Money Women

Should Women Stash “Mad Money”? My Thoughts

Our debate about women stashing “mad money” in the event of a relationship emergency continues.  Regardless of the motive, do you think women should stash “mad money”?  Some men find this unsettling while some women find a sense of comfort in being able to do so: VictoryByDesignwrote, in response to Ginger: Ginger, you are correct in that there are no …

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