Rosa Sat. Martin Walked. Obama Ran. Our Children Will Fly!


YES WE CAN! Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so our children can fly. We now have the first African-American president who has a mandate!  Barack defied all odds tonight taking Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, all states deemed battleground states in this election.  We have come so far and he made it seem so easy but his class, style, grace and faith in his God delivered a historic victory.  This election brought out the worst of some of us but in the end we have the best result. A new movement in the direction and it is my hope that we will begin to heal the deep wounds experienced by all. Welcome, President Barack Obama!! … [Read more...]

DNC 2008: Know Your Power: Don’t Let Anyone Discount Who You Are

photo credit: foundphotoslj At this moment, I sit here listening to The Honorable Elijah Cummings give a speech at the Maryland Delegation Breakfast.  To say that his speech gives me anything short of chills is an understatement.  I remember asking my husband earlier this week, "who is he?"  I'm familiar with the name but really this week I get to put together faces with the names Ive heard within MD politics. After giving me an incredulous look, he explained who this man is, what he's done and I understand more now through this speech why he is so honored and respected throughout this delegation. Just now he said:  Don't let anyone discount who you are. Let me repeat that for you:  DO NOT let anyone discount who you are. I love it.  I LOVE THAT!  He made that comment in reference … [Read more...]

Detour: Blogging From The DNC


This week will be a bit different and I hope you'll bear with me.  I wanted to have posts lined up from my fellow personal finance bloggers but decided to go with the moment instead. Right now I'm packing for an early morning flight as we're headed out for the Democratic National Convention held in Denver, CO.  Going to the DNC this year is HUGE for me as it is both historic and meaningful for various reasons.  I will be here with my husband and some other friends from a local listserv.  We are lined up for quite a few chick events so that should make for some good fun and camera time. I can't wait to meet Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama and I am praying to meet Michelle Fenty as well.  She is the first lady here in DC, married to Adrian Fenty, DC's mayor. Oh, and you'll get a chance … [Read more...]

An Open Letter To Soledad O’brian Regarding CNN’s Black In America

Dear Soledad, I'd like to thank you for the time and effort put into researching and producing CNN's Black In America.  After looking at the various segments, I can tell you spent much time with the interviewees getting to know their stories, understanding their issues and perhaps giving others ignorant of the plight of this segment of the population a sobering view of what it is like for some blacks in America. However, as a Afro-Caribbean woman myself, I couldn't help but feel slighted by the glaring fact that this documentary is clearly one-sided.  I will admit to being excited and filled with all sorts of great expectations about what new information this documentary would bring.  Sadly, it did nothing to bring to light any new information not already shared by AAs such as myself … [Read more...]