Getting Married: What Happens to Life Insurance Policies

Getting Married: What Happens to Life Insurance Policies

When you get married, a lot of things from both your life and your partner’s life get thrown together, including finances, households, families and a host other things that you cannot really predict. But one thing you can take care of is dealing with your life...

Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover Rodent Damage?

Finding out you have rats or mice in your home can be a shock, but they’re among the most common type of rodents around. Some home insurance policies will offer help in finding an exterminator if you discover you have unwanted guests, but you can also do a lot to...

Bills, Bills, Bills: Can You Pay My Bills!

So yea, it’s time for the bi-annual bills review.  Last week I got a message from one of the listservs I frequent,  that if you are a member with certain credit unions then you’re able to get a discount from Geico.  One member had a $400 savings just by...
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