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Atlanta Child Support Lawyer

Why You May Soon Be Paying Your Spouse’s Child Support Payments

“I would never.” “This is why kids used to always be a deal breaker for me…. Nope, not gonna happen.” “I’d certainly want the best but I’d also have to consider that these 2 made the kids and they need to be legally and financially responsible. My income should not bare the responsibility of their inability to make this work. …

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3 Ways to Make Your Monday Better

Mondays are the worst, and Tuesdays aren’t much better. This isn’t a new development for working class America either. In fact, the Monday blues have plagued society for generations. Sure, weekends offer a nice getaway from the daily grind that is the nine to five work week, but even the most relaxing weekends make for rough Monday mornings. There’s no …

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Stepford Wife E1380161722945

In Defense Of Women Who Want To “Be Provided For”

“I mean, I don’t need him to be rich or anything, I just need for him to be making enough to provide for me some day, you know?” – seen at TeacherFinance.org If you’ve read some of the more contentious articles here, then you know there was a time when I drew a hard line when it came to women …

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Career Mom

Choosing the Right Point in Your Career to Start a Family

Despite the many advances that women have made, there’s still a huge divide – you’re either in the Career Driven camp, or you’re part of the Young Mom gang. Women are still being pigeon-holed as either caring about their jobs or starting a family; the media would have us believe that we’re one or the other. Whether you’re a career …

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I Hate Comcast: Updated

Frank from Comcast (comcastcares on Twitter) really came through for me.  I came across his Twitter profile over the weekend and thought, “what the heck is Comcast doing on Twitter?” Then I read his responses to other Twitter followers and he was doing a great job of helping them solve anything from technical problems to rampant customer service issues.  He …

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20 Reasons Why I Hate Comcast

Never have I experienced such ineptitude and lack of customer service in all of my adult life.  This company has managed to grate my last working nerve and I have had it.  Our Internet doesn’t work, they don’t have phone service in our area and the cable sometimes kicks out depending on what’s going on over on their end.  When …

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