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Job Rejection

Why Nursing School Grads Have Trouble Finding A Job

Despite the trumpeting the alarm stories about the nursing shortage the US healthcare is facing today, more and more nursing school graduates are wining about the fact that they cannot find a job, and searching for CNA positions online does not bring any ray of light to this situation. And in fact, there are couple factors that are influencing the …

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I Have to Spend All Day with These People?

Working with toxic coworkers can feel a lot like recess on the playground in an elementary school .   There’s the bully, backstabber, manipulator and a host of other characters that you must manage or else you’ll find yourself in the timeout box.  Be it self imposed or otherwise.  Planning ahead for potentially mind numbing situations helps you win the …

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Business Plan Woman

Here’s Why You Need A Business Plan

When you look at your local small businesses you may only see the finished product. You only see the bakery front or the mechanic’s shop. You only partake in the services. You think that this would be the best thing for you to do, start your own business. But you have to actually sit down and have a plan before …

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What If You Were Fired Today?

You haven’t been fired or laid off – yet. But what if you received the pink slip today or were informed that you may be laid off in a few weeks or months?  How would you handle it?  Would you start looking for a new job or or roll the dice and stick your head in the sand?  Such is …

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Health Insurance

Discussion: “If you smoke or are overweight, then you cost me money and I cannot hire you.”-Fair Or Not?

With Obama’s recent visit to the Cleveland clinic, who will cease hiring smokers as of September 1, the Today Show is speculating that this may become a corporate health care trend. Here’s the message from Dr Delos Cosgrove, CEO and President at the Cleveland Clinic: While we are on the topic of smoking, I understand that there are differences of …

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Severance Packages: Time to Goof Off Or Make It Pay Off?

You’ve been laid off but offered a severance package.  And while you may have day dreams of warm beach vacations and lazy time off, it’s time to think about how to make this layoff pay off. At first you may be flooded with thoughts about your value to the company, how and why this could have happened but in today’s …

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Quit Before a Year? On The Spot? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hate your job? You’ve got company! I hate my job. My boss makes me cry at night. I have no life.  No appreciation for the work that I do. But I can’t quit because I just started.  I really want to walk into me manager’s office and quit on the spot. Sound familiar?  No worries, many people hate their jobs …

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Career Mom

Choosing the Right Point in Your Career to Start a Family

Despite the many advances that women have made, there’s still a huge divide – you’re either in the Career Driven camp, or you’re part of the Young Mom gang. Women are still being pigeon-holed as either caring about their jobs or starting a family; the media would have us believe that we’re one or the other. Whether you’re a career …

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Women Job

3 Unconventional Strategies to Advance Your Career

Tired of your pay grade? Ready for the next step in your career? Looking for a new opportunity but aren’t sure you have the qualifications to dump your current employer? If you’re looking for an escape from your current job, chances are you’ve also been focused on your professional development lately. And by professional development, I mean awkward networking mixers, …

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Wheres My Money

Kissing The w2 Life Goodbye – 4 Things You Need To Know About the 1099 Life (Working For Yourself)

After my divorce, the importance of having a standard 9-5 diminished because with it came demands that no longer had space in my life.  While married I was able to throw myself into my work and deal with being on call, late night emails and text messages and it was OK back then. At this point in my life, my …

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3 Must Have Career Fair Tips For Hungry Job-Seekers

Hands sweating, I felt like I was going to pass out standing in the four-person line.  The line inched up for twenty minutes until there I was, meeting face-to-face with a Senior Petroleum Engineer Advisor for a national Exploration and Production company that would ultimately become my future employer.  Ah, career fairs. Since I never want anyone to pass out …

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Business Plan Woman

You Built It -Will They Come? – 3 Proven Ways To Promote Your New Business

In today’s technologically advanced society, it’s really easy to start a business once you know exactly what you want to do.  After you’ve sat down and teased out your ideas and formulated a savvy business plan, it’s now time to consider how you’ll market the baby you just birthed. What’s that I hear?  If I build it they will come?  …

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Woman Negotiating

I’ve Been Lowballed, Now What? Snatch A Higher Salary With These 4 Counteroffer Tips!

The phone rings and it’s a job offer on the line!  You’re so excited that someone is interested in hiring you that all you think of is yes, yes, yes – YES!  Then you get off the phone and review your mental notes.  Suddenly you realize that you’ve been low balled on the salary offered. Crap!  How do you wiggle …

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Salary Negotiation

Women Want To Be Liked: 3 Shocking Reasons Why We Fear Salary Negotiations

Even with the women power chatter about the feminist movement in the quest to be equal, women are still making less than men!  You’ve heard it before, we still make about .77 cents for every $1.00 that a ma makes. “Women still earn just 70 cents for every dollar a man earns.  It’s worse for African American women and Latinas.” …

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4 Unconventional Ways To Land A Job In An Impossible Job Market

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks on “vacation” since I’ve had some time off in between leaving my last job and my new job which will get started in a few days.  Besides giving me some major time off to relax, travel and work on personal projects, I’ve been spending time at neighborhood mixers talking to my neighbor’s kids about …

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