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Join Our Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs with Jen Groover, Avon + Me

Female entrepreneurs ROCK.  And Avon is in the business of empowering women to embrace entrepreneurship giving them the financial freedom they crave.  This is my third series with Avon and I am continually amazed at the life-changing stories shared by women who utilized the opportunity to quit their job, pay off debt and/or achieve financial freedom.   I am in the …

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Bethesda, MD – Smart Women Finish Rich Seminars

 Smart Women Finish Rich® Seminars are here in DC! We’ve teamed up with Edelman Financial Services to get the word out about educating smart women about the steps needed to achieve their financial goals! Bethesda, MD is up next on November 11 2014 and November 12, 2014  at 1pm or 7pm   I had the pleasure of attending the Fairfax, VA event last …

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Fairfax, VA – Smart Women Finish Rich Seminar with David Bach

 Smart Women Finish Rich® Seminars are here in DC! We’ve teamed up with Edelman Financial Services to get the word out about educating smart women about the steps needed to achieve their financial goals! Fairfax, VA is up next on November 4, 2014 and November 5, 2014  at 1pm and 7 pm You know David Bach.  He’s the wildly successful author behind 9 …

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Emergency Withdrawal 401k

She Who Manages the ‘Gold’, Makes the Rules – Join Us For The Smart Women Finish Rich Seminars

Women live longer than men.  This is fact.  So it makes sense that we need a few more coins in the bank to make it through our golden years without going broke. We face many more challenges which prevent us from saving enough for retirement.  Our careers are often interrupted to care for the little ones and/or elderly parents resulting …

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Woman Divorce3

Success After Divorce: How She Did It

It is said that all is fair in love and war.  When it comes to matters of the heart I may tend to agree, but when it comes to our money the rules aren’t so clear.  We always hear horror stories about women who are left with nothing after a divorce, or even worse women who are left with nothing …

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Join The Fem-Pow!er Movement: Meet Me In DC!

What’s a Fem-Pow!er Movement Event Like? You + Knowledge + Fun = Fem-Pow!er First, you’ll sit your awesome self down and have a nice continental breakfast while you listen to the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) introduce you to Fem-Pow!er and your speakers for the day.   Alex Elle, Author & Entrepreneur: Alexandra L. Smith, more frequently known as Alex Elle, …

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Fill Her Up: DC Gets A Dose Of #FinancialFuel with Glinda Bridgforth

Nicole James lives paycheck to paycheck which means she spends exactly what she earns until the next payday.  With no money saved for emergencies, in the event of a lay off or unexpected large expense, she runs the risk of losing everything she’s worked hard to achieve since moving to DC 4 years ago. “It seems like no matter how …

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Toyota’s #FinancialFuel – Interview with Glinda Bridgforth

Toyota Financial Services is hosting Financial Fuel here in Washington DC on June 12, 2013, featuring guest speaker Glinda Bridgforth.  I interviewed Glinda to get a sneak peak about what she plans to share with us as well as how she made it from financial crisis to financial dynamo.  Take a look at our chat below:   What To Expect …

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Dc Fall

Carnival of Personal Finance #383 – Capitol City Fall Edition!

Welcome to the 383rd edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance -Capitol city Fall Edition!  Like many of you, DC is experiencing the lovely turn in weather as Fall approaches.  The parks and trails have an even better feel to them now because the weather cooler and many residents get into the spirit of Halloween by decorating their homes with …

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Personal Finance Blog Conference Recap: The Importance of Relationship

You’re probably sick of all of the #FINCON12 recap blog posts but here I am with another one! If you saw #FINCON12 trending this weekend on Twitter then you know that a bunch of nerdy personal finance bloggers got together for what some have called the Woodstock of personal finance.  We came,  we saw, strategized, partied and of course many …

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21 Days to Rock Your Finances: Day 14 – Roth IRA vs Traditional 401k vs Roth 401k vs 403B vs SEP IRA

Once you’ve tackled debt and saved enough towards at least 3-6 months of living expenses in an emergency fund, then you can start thinking about investing in long term goals. This can include retirement, college education, owning a home or anything that warrants a longer term investment of time and money.  One thing to note which goes against Dave Ramsey’s …

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21 Days to Rock Your Finances: Day 14 – Single Women Money Tips

These tips really apply to anyone but since we’re focused on women’s money issues we’ll go with “single woman money tips” today. Believe it or not your personal finance goals are very different when single.  If you’re planning on getting married in the future, now is the time to lay the foundation.  It’s OK to make mistakes now because you’ll …

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Avon Regional Sales Executive Interview: Maria Sutej

Maria Sutej A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Sutej- Regional Vice President, Sales with Avon Products, Inc. Maria Sutej is a Regional Vice President in Sales at Avon Products, Inc.   Maria leads a team of professionals with cross-functional skills and experience focused on defining short and long term measures related to achieving annual sales …

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21 Days To Rock Your Finances: Day 13: Creating An Emergency Fund

  Creating an emergency fund is critical in being able to maintain financial stability.   We often hear and read that creating an emergency fund is important but what’s hardly discussed is how to go about doing so.  Let’s look at a few ways to create your emergency fund. Now if you’re thinking to yourself, how on earth will I do …

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21 Days to Rock Your Finances: Day 12 -Contact Your Creditors

Today’s post in the Rock Your Finances series addresses taking yet another baby step around setting up your debts on paper or on a spreadsheet.  The rationale for this is to to prepare yourself for the call to your creditors after you’ve devised a plan to get current and get out of debt. By listing your debts, you gain concrete …

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