Carnival of Personal Finance: In the Name of Love and Money Edition

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Love is in the air and in the name of Love and Money we’ve got this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance – Love and Money Edition!

Editor’s Pics

Joy from Her Every Cent Counts presents Helping My Boyfriend Get a Job, and says, “My boyfriend is 30 and unemployed. In order to help him kick start his career, I’ve created his resume and put together a list of jobs he should apply for, along with options for graduate school.”

Peter from Bible Money Matters presents 3 Simple Steps to Take to Change Your Financial Life, and says, “If you know that you have some careless money habits, now is the time to replace those bad habits with better financial habits. The good news is that you don’t have to take drastic action. Even small, smart financial decisions can have a positive impact on your financial life.

Daniel from Make Money Make Cents presents Making a Food Budget for Your Wedding, and says, “It’s wedding planning season. Learn to budget for your wedding meal.”

Lynn from Wallet Blog presents Punting your Cable TV Bill, and says, “You can cancel your cable and fill the void with alternative TV-entertainment options While this is not an exhaustive list, it might meet your entertainment and budgetary requirements.

Kristen from My Dollar Plan presents 7 Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas, and says, “You don’t have to spend a lot to celebrate Valentine’s Day!”

Glen from Parenting Family Money presents Fun, Frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Whole Family, and says, “Valentine’s Day is fun for the whole family, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. These are some frugal Valentine’s Day ideas that the whole family enjoys.”

Matt from Budget SNOB presents Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online, and says, “Join the trend and make some money online.”

The Rest of the Best!

Gary from presents Easy and Fun High Paying Jobs, and says, “Not everyone gets to have their dream job, but if you are looking for a fun, high paying job with no real work, let us know if you find one, outside of collecting unemployment. Otherwise, here is a list of fun and easy jobs that pay well – better than most people would expect.”

D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents Dividend Stocks Are My Conviction, and says, “For many investors, there is no clear conviction as to how they should invest. Today’s investments are guided by what was read or heard yesterday, and the popular media is constantly churning out new and different ideas. Granted it makes for some “interesting” reads, but it certainty is no way to run a portfolio…”

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents presents How To Start A Blog – Tips for a Beginner, and says, “I receive e-mails nearly everyday (and most of the time multiple times everyday) about blog tips and how to start a blog. I will say this now, I do not consider myself an expert in making a blog at all. That’s pretty much a given right? I have made many mistakes and have now decided that I will make a weekly series on having a blog and tips (and also mistakes).”

Amy from Money Mishaps presents The Easiest Expenses to Cut, and says, “Save more, spend less!”

Lily from Paying Debt Down presents Simple Financial Planning Tips you can use in 2013, and says, “Advice for the new year the average person can use.”

Bob from Dwindling Debt presents Get Those Taxes in Order, and says, “Tax season is here. Learn some tips to make your taxes easier.”

Matt from Budget SNOB presents The Value of a Savings Account, and says, “Is having a savings account worth it?”

Katie from IRA Basics presents Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA, and says, “Which plan should your use for your IRA?”

Sean from One Smart Dollar presents Be Prepared for a Lost or Stolen Wallet, and says, “No one ever wants to lose their wallet. By being prepared you can cut down on the hassle is the worst does happen to you.”

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents Was The Payroll Tax Holiday A Good Idea?, and says, “It was supposed to kick start the economy. Did it? Now that it’s gone will it hurt the economy? Let me know what you think about the now expired payroll tax holiday.”

Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents 5 Economic Assumptions We (Stilll) Make That Won’t Always Be True, and says, “We are raised with and grounded in the concept of self-reliance. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of ourselves, yet very few of us take steps to assure that we can do so in scenarios such as those above. Weather, war, and economic failures can have significant impact on our personal lives.”

eemusings from NZ Muse presents My worst fear of all, and says, “I’m terrified of going blind and how that will affect me – financially and otherwise.”

Pat S from compounding returns presents How to automate your finances., and says, “How to automate your finances.”

John from Card Hub Blog presents Ask the Experts: Where Do We Get Our Spending Habits From?, and says, “Are our spending habits learned, and if so, from where?

Louis from Wallet Hub presents FHA Streamline Requirements, and says, “Since the financial crisis, the Federal Housing Administration’s Streamline refinance program has grown to be one of its most popular offerings.

Gen Y Finance Journey from Gen Y Finance Journey presents Gift Giving on a Budget, and says, “Gift giving on a budget can be tricky. Here are some tips to save a few bucks and alleviate the guilt associated with some “tacky” gifts.”

Jon from Novel Investor presents How To Calculate Cost Basis For Tax Savings, and says, “How you calculate cost basis and track your investments plays a big role in controlling your tax savings now and in the future.”

Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Most Widely Held Dividend Growth Stocks, and says, “Most of the dividend growth stocks are household names, representing large-cap multinational corporations. The sheer size of these companies, and magnitude of operations typically give them an edge over competitors.I recently uncovered a listing of most widely held stocks in US, provided by WSJ. “

Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents How to Blog and Make Money – 5 Ways to Use Your Blog to Make Money, and says, “You’ve heard the stories of those who blog and make money. But how do they do it? Take a look at five ways you can use a blog to make money.

PK from Don’t Quit Your Day Job… presents Lifestyle Creep and You, and says, “Can you handle the peer pressure as a young white collar worker, especially in a field like finance? Cameron shares some experiences and some tips.”

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance presents Am I Taking Advantage of all the Benefit Plans My Employer Offers?, and says, “We can make plans for side-income and income from hobbies all day, but unless we are self-employed full time, our employer is the source of our primary income. Your employer often gives you a lot more than that. Make sure you are taking full advantage.”

Clint from Accumulating Money presents Building Credit for Your Small Business, and says, “The importance of establishing a healthy credit history is just as important for businesses as it is for private citizens.”

Philip from PT Money Personal Finance presents Start Your Own Sports Camp, and says, “This podcast interview with entrepreneur Jim Vitale of Vital Hockey Skills spotlights how he turned his part-time hockey skills gig into a six-figure business all while working full-time as a high school science teacher.”

Nicole from Grumpy Rumblings of the Half Tenured presents What’s your gazingus pin?, and says, “Nicole and Maggie explain the concept of gazingus pins and what yours is.”

MyFIJourney from My Journey to Financial Independence presents Should Americans Be Forced to Save For Retirement?, and says, “Recently there has been talk among some policy wonks that Americans should be forced to save for retirement, so I wanted to explore some of the pros and cons of this particular policy proposal.”

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey from My Personal Finance Journey presents You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – A First-Hand Account of the State of Personal Finance Education, and says, “This post illustrates the importance of teaching our children about personal finance from the pen of one a very intuitive high-schooler. It is very important for parents and teachers/adults to get involved now with their children and students so that they can learn these basic principles of personal finance.”

Michael from Financial Ramblings presents Future Contributions After Backdoor Roth, and says, “Okay, you’ve pulled the trigger on a “backdoor” Roth IRA. But what now? Can you go back to making regular Roth contributions in the future? Click through to find out.”

Roger Wohlner from The Chicago Financial Planner presents 4 Signs of a Lousy 401(k) Plan, and says, “It is important that you make the most of any workplace retirement plan available to you. New required disclosures about the costs of the plan and the underlying investments were introduced in 2012 and are a good start. However, 401(k) plans are still a mystery to many of the workers who participate in them and sadly to many of the employers sponsoring these plans. Here are 4 signs that your 401(k) plan might be lousy.”

Scott Skyles from presents Who Should Refinance into a Shorter Term Mortgage?, and says, “If you have a 30-year mortgage and are considering refinancing to a mortgage with a shorter length, there are some things you need to consider.”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Why You Need to Stop Listening to Your Parents, and says, “Who influences you the most with your big decisions?”

Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents How Wild Are You Willing to Get With Your Home?, and says, “Would you live in a church?”

Pete from Intelligent Speculator presents Does This Move Mean Anything For Microsoft?, and says, “A look at changes at Microsoft that could have an impact.”

Martin from Studenomics presents How You Can Be Your Own Travel Agent For Your Next Epic Trip, and says, “How you can start saving today for the adventure of a life time.”

Div Guy from The Dividend Guy Blog presents Are You an Investor or Are You a Failure?, and says, “What’s your take? What’s the number one factor that will make you a good investor?”

Mike from Experiglot presents How Would You Deal With an Unexpected Expense?, and says, “How to handle life’s surprises.”

Michael Kitces from Nerd’s Eye View presents Safe Withdrawal Rates In Today’s Low Yield Environment – Walking On The Edge Of A Cliff?, and says, “What’s a safe spending amount in retirement, given today’s low-yield environment? Is the 4% rule still safe, or does it need to be trimmed given today’s market conditions?”

Andy from saving to invest presents Creative Ways to See Your Financial Belief System in a New Light, and says, “It’s tough to change our financial beliefs, and for that reason, when you decide to strive for a better financial situation, it’s imperative to examine an overlooked facet of your belief system: your financial beliefs. This consists of your personal ethos when it comes to spending, saving, and utilizing your personal assets.”

Mrs. PoP from Planting Our Pennies presents More Family And Money: They Don’t Want It Back, and says, “Mixing family and money isn’t easy, but we’re trying to navigate that fine line and continue to have a win-win solution for both sides of the equation. “

John from Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Merchants can charge credit card fees to customers. But so what?, and says, “Small businesses have finally gotten their wish, and can pass on some credit card fees to customers. But will they do so?”

Jason Price from One Money Design presents Is Mobile Banking Safe?, and says, “Most major banks are now offering mobile banking apps to help people conduct their banking business on the go, but are they really a safe service? Here’s how to protect yourself.”

Lenny from Best Money Saving Blog presents Simple Ways to Lower Your Bills on Self Storage, and says, “Self storage is widely used around the world. Learn how to save money when you are in the need of storing your items.”

Hadley from Epic Finances presents $100,000 Cash By Age 30 (Not Counting 401K or Pension), and says, “An easy plan to reach $100,000 by age 30.”

Katie from IRA BASICS presents Choosing the Right Investment for Roth or Traditional IRA, and says, “Help in choosing the right IRA for you.”

Bob from Dwindling Debt presents Some New Year’s Saving Resolutions for 2013, and says, “Resolve to save more money this year.”

Lily from Paying Debt Down presents Building the Best Portfolio, and says, “Building a portfolio is like making a great dish. Lots of factors go into it.”

Amy from Money Mishaps presents Wise Financial Tips for 2013-Start Smart, and says, “Start the new year with some financial tips that are sure to improve your financial situation.”

Jack from Money Saving Ethics presents The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Explained, and says, “Knowing the rules of the FDCPA can be very helpful.”

Daniel from Make Money Make Cents presents Credit Tips to Help You Start the New Year on the Right Foot, and says, “What you can do in 2013 to get your credit on the right track.”

Danielle from Saving Without A Budget presents Tips for Saving Money Part 3, and says, “The final part of learning tips for saving money.”

Sam from The New Business Blog presents Successful Marketing Starts with Your Mindset, and says, “The right mindset makes a huge difference in your business.”

Jay from Daily Fuel Economy Tip presents Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips, and says, “The best tips to save your fuel.”

Pat S from compounding returns presents Become a Millionaire: Savings by Age, and says, “How to become a millionaire.”

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