There is hardly anything more important than career. Career determines our lifestyle, activity, pastime and of course income. It is considerable to detect your strong sides and apply them in the proper occupation. What is more, one should pay attention to the popularity of the particular career on the market. Is this career prestigious? Will I make much money? Will I have time for my family? Career planning is a very delicate and thought-provoking matter. One should think about numerous factors that can influence his life in future. One must not treat career planning lightheartedly inasmuch as this decision influences his fate.

Career planning consists of four major steps. The foremost step is connected with the distinguishing of one’s potential and preferences. One is supposed to pay attention to the duties, actions and tasks he is fond of. When you study at school, you know which subjects you like or not. Some disciplines are easier and more captive to you. Others seem to be boring and meaningless. You fulfil some assignments eagerly and vigorously. Other assignments are extremely troublesome and difficult. When you know that you enjoy something, devote more time to it. If you are good at mathematics, you ought to improve your knowledge and skills in this subject. If you dislike biology or history, you do not need to focus on them whereas your preferences are different. You must not torture yourself with the ‘unnecessary’ subjects. Dwell on what you like.

The second step is finding out. You need to realize in which fields of business your skills and preferences can be applied. If you are strong in mathematics, you can think about programming and engineering. If you enjoy biology, you can plan your career in medicine. Without doubt, one should evaluate his knowledge and skills objectively in order to be able to work in the chosen field effectively.

The third step of career planning is decision making. You define your interests and potential and choose the best variants of careers that can be suitable for you. The last step is associated with the embodiment of your ideas related to career planning. You analyze the types of actions required for the achievement of your career goals, further development and professional education.

Why is it important to plan your career? The answer is very simple. Career determines your lifestyle. If you do not plan your career according to the step mentioned above, you risk choosing the wrong occupation that will spoil your life. Firstly, it will be difficult for you to cope with your duties if you do not like your job. What is more, you will not know how to fulfil your work well. Your knowledge is limited whereas you have not spent long hours every day mastering your favorite subjects. Your incomplete knowledge will be the reason of the lack of your promotion. If you are bad at your job, you will always be an average unnoticed employee.

If you are interested in your occupation, you will get to know about it more. If you are a physicist, you will learn about the latest inventions and innovations in equipment and approach towards treatment. A professional employee always tries to improve his skills in order to increase the standards of his work. Needless to say but such professionals attract clients and money. Clients require high-quality service. Thus, they go to the best experts who meet their requirements. An average and ‘invisible’ employee is not credible or appreciated. For that reason, his financial background is always unfavorable.

Career planning is important for the proper organization of your pastime and private life. There are careers that award you with money but deprive you of family and leisure. Therefore, you should think twice before choosing such an intensive job if you want to start a family. When you are not ready to sacrifice your private life and free time, choose something lighter and less demanding. Bear in mind that many people do not have a vacation for years. They do not go to the seaside or any exotic places forasmuch they manage a corporation or build their own business. Career is their home and family.

Career planning is a complicated process that demands sober and objective understanding of your potential and expectations. While choosing a career, you should realize whether you want freedom, time and family or promotion, money and perspective. Every career is based on these foundational elements.

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