What does your savings account look like? recently crafted two surveys that exposed a disturbing reality shared by participants: they don’t have enough savings. According to the results, three out of every five Americans couldn’t afford to take care of a large, unexpected emergency such as a vehicle repair or a medical problem.

Moreover, only one out of ten people have started saving for retirement and nearly one-third of all adults in the United States have no emergency funds to speak of.

Financial experts agree that you need to save back at least 15 percent of your gross take-home pay and place it in savings – for emergencies, unforeseen circumstances, and your retirement. The problem is that it’s hard to save because there’s always somewhere else for your money to go.

Worse, the feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and failure make it even more difficult to focus on the task of saving funds. It’s essential to work past those feelings and create a budget, however, so you can start building up a worthwhile nest egg capable of taking care of you and your family if anything unexpected happens now or in the future.

It takes discipline, determination, and willpower to save money, especially a substantial amount, but it isn’t impossible. In fact, a wealth of tools and aid exists to help. Budgeting apps are especially easy, efficient, and even fun.

En-NetCr_BudgetingApps_D2_Mar4In addition to helping you set savings goals, they also help to track your spending, stem overspending habits, and discover where you can cut the fat. Get started with these excellent budgeting apps and before you know it, you’ll have a nest egg of your own.