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Here’s What You Missed From The #MyAvonStory Twitter Chat

If you weren’t able to join us last week for the #MyAvonStory Twitter Chat with Jen Groover, never fear, I’ve got a recap for you. Inspirational.  Honest.  Empowering.  Bold.  Fearless. Just a few words I’d use to describe the event as all the women participating shared their perspectives posed by the marvelous Jen Groover.  The questions posed included: Q1. How …

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Engagement Ring

You’re Engaged, Now What?

A wedding is a milestone that will be filled with cherished memories as you start your future together. You’ve started looking at dates, venues, dresses and you’re the proud owner of a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Now what? Your wedding bands and engagement rings symbolize your love and commitment, and will continue to be important pieces throughout your lifetime, and …

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Facts About Divorce 1026181155 Jul 24 2012 600x398

First Comes Divorce Then Comes Bankruptcy – Or Should It?

Often, finances are the biggest stressors in relationships. Frequently, couples caught up in financial problems believe that divorce is the answer to their problem and each partner blames the other for the ongoing money woes. The belief that the other person is responsible, may, or may not, be true. A good adage to remember though is: you can divorce your …

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Screen Shot 2014 08 21 At 8.34.39 PM

5 Smart Career Moves for the Modern Woman

When it comes to analytics, there is a surprising shortage of talent in our technology-driven world. According to McKinsey & Company’s big data report, the United States could be short up to 190,000 qualified employees by 2018. There is a demand for employees who have the analytical skills and know-how to use the data produced to make effective business decisions. …

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Join Our Twitter Chat for Entrepreneurs with Jen Groover, Avon + Me

Female entrepreneurs ROCK.  And Avon is in the business of empowering women to embrace entrepreneurship giving them the financial freedom they crave.  This is my third series with Avon and I am continually amazed at the life-changing stories shared by women who utilized the opportunity to quit their job, pay off debt and/or achieve financial freedom.   I am in the …

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Grad School Woman

Lifelong Learning with Ashford University

Ashford University’s Forbes™ School of Business promotes lifelong learning by bringing all of their educational resources to the student through technology. Ashford’s caters to the needs of working adult students. Even with the time constraints of a career or raising children, Ashford works with their remote students to become leaders in today’s business world. Ashford University fosters a culture of …

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Business Plan Woman

If You’re Not Tracking Sales Then Your Business is Not on Track

When it comes to running a business, it is imperative that you track your sales. It’s easy to start out by just looking at how many items you sold and say, “I must be doing well on visitors.” However, without good tracking you won’t have any idea as to where a lot of this traffic came from and in turn, …

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Bethesda, MD – Smart Women Finish Rich Seminars

 Smart Women Finish Rich® Seminars are here in DC! We’ve teamed up with Edelman Financial Services to get the word out about educating smart women about the steps needed to achieve their financial goals! Bethesda, MD is up next on November 11 2014 and November 12, 2014  at 1pm or 7pm   I had the pleasure of attending the Fairfax, VA event last …

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Give Money

Can Your Bank Account Handle Life’s 6 Biggest Setbacks?

Today we’re taking a look at six of life’s biggest setbacks.   Your task: can your bank account survive any of the following wallet busting scenarios? 1. Illness The NHS or your insurance policy will take care of most of your medical bills, but you might have to miss work, which could mean a substantial loss of income. Fortunately, you …

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My Secret To Making a Fulltime Living On Fiverr

I accidentally became a seller on Fiverr.com but I hope your journey is far more deliberate. After ten years in personal and corporate banking as a fee-only financial planner (one of the good guys) I discovered my passion for online marketing. You could say I “leaned out” of the corporate banking world where I was poised to make big money …

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Thinking Money

How a Car Loan Can Save You Money

Borrowing money for a car is something pretty much everyone does. Mostly this is because the actual cash cost of a car is more than most people have saved up. However, there’s a lot more to it than just borrowing. There’s also the investment factor, and if you’re smart, you can save more money with a car loan than you’d …

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Fairfax, VA – Smart Women Finish Rich Seminar with David Bach

 Smart Women Finish Rich® Seminars are here in DC! We’ve teamed up with Edelman Financial Services to get the word out about educating smart women about the steps needed to achieve their financial goals! Fairfax, VA is up next on November 4, 2014 and November 5, 2014  at 1pm and 7 pm You know David Bach.  He’s the wildly successful author behind 9 …

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Save Money Moving

4 Creative Ways to Help Pay for Moving

The cost of moving is expensive given the deposits and transfers of utilities alone. The additional cost to hire a moving service, buy packing materials and paying additional help adds up quickly. There are cheaper ways to move that will still allow you money for items that the new place will need. Offer Pizza and Drinks for Help from Friends …

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Emergency Withdrawal 401k

She Who Manages the ‘Gold’, Makes the Rules – Join Us For The Smart Women Finish Rich Seminars

Women live longer than men.  This is fact.  So it makes sense that we need a few more coins in the bank to make it through our golden years without going broke. We face many more challenges which prevent us from saving enough for retirement.  Our careers are often interrupted to care for the little ones and/or elderly parents resulting …

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Salary Woman

Women’s Pay Gap: Playing Devil’s Advocate With The Income Disparity

Though work is usually the cause of greatest stress, not many women would go back to being housewives, as in earlier times. Regardless of the negative aspects of working outside of the home and spending long hours away from family, women feel more empowered and liberated knowing they don’t have to depend on anyone. It’s been a very long struggle …

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