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Can Personal Loan Interest Rates be Tax Deductible?

Come tax season you’re anxious to get all the write-offs possible. As you pull all your bank statements and other financial documentation, you wonder if the interest rate you paid on your personal loan is tax deductible. Read on to discover if this is something you can capitalize on. Personal Loan Interest Used to Be Acceptable Interest rates were at …

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#MoneyChat: Real Talk About All Things Money and Business

Today we have an interview with Dorethia Conner Kelly, brilliant author and mastermind behind #MoneyChat – The Book!  I truly enjoyed her book as she gets real about money issues and how to solve them with real world solutions.  Check out her insightful interview below! Get a FREE chapter of #MoneyChat: The Book here: http://ow.ly/GKrCn via @dorethiaconner What is someone’s …

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SMshopper Bullhorn

You’ve Hired Guest Speakers. Here’s How to Treat Them Right.

Your business event is underway, and you’ve hired the perfect guest speaker to teach and motivate your employees. Here’s how you can treat your speaker the right way before, during, and after your event. Before the Event Take an honest look at your capabilities when it comes to event planning. If you need help with video creation, presentation, and live …

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Woman Divorce3

Why I Can’t I Leave My Abusive Relationship?

Have you ever wondered by some women stay in abusive relationships?  You may be thinking “I’d never stay with a physically abusive partner!  I’d leave his @$$ for sure!” Think twice about that because the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is the moment the woman tries to leave.  Once she becomes entangled with an abuser, it’s hard to leave …

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Grad School Woman

How Video Conferencing Contributes to Education

Interest on education and the importance thereof continues to increase worldwide. The average age of college students is increasing as more and more adults go back to school, thanks primarily to changes in the accessibility of college courses and degree programs. A great deal of this increase in accessibility is thanks to video conferencing and other related technologies, which transform …

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Tax Day April 15

5 Tax Planning Strategies to Boost Your Refund

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- for the IRS. Yes, it’s tax time, so if you’ve found yourself waking up in a cold sweat and not knowing why, the impending dread of piles of paperwork and confusing forms could be the culprit. There’s a lot to prepare in order to file on time, and you want to make …

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Credit Card Debt

Get Over Debt- How Women Do It

Regardless of gender, debt can often seem insurmountable. Whether you have a mountain of credit card debt or huge  student loans, you may feel that you might never repay all of it- let alone chip away a large chunk of it. No worries, you’re not alone! Debt, for sure, is no trivial matter. We can pay it down with a plan and …

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Quarter Life Crisis Tips Women Video

Quarter Life Personal Finance: 5 Tips To Manage Your Money In The Midst Of Chaos

If you recently graduated from college then you’ve been hit with the task of managing your own finances.  You may now have a job with a decent paycheck and along with that comes bills, unplanned expenses and learning to balance your checking account.  During this time you may also be experiencing some confusion, doubt and you can’t shake the feeling …

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#MyAvonStory Final Twitter Chat Recap

I am back with the recap of the final Twitter Chat in the #MyAvonStory series!  If you missed any chats in the series, we’ve got the roundup for you below: As I’ve mentioned previously, the chats have been nothing short of honest, inspirational and empowering.  I love watching women support each other through the hurdles and triumphs of entrepreneurship.  And the …

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5by20 Infographic 604 New

Coco-Cola: Empowering Women, Improving Lives via #5by20

In continuing our spirit of supporting women in becoming financially independent, today I’d like to share with you Coco-Cola’s new campaign – 5by20.  This campaign is close to my own heart because I am personally invested in seeing women attain financial success.  Whether they make just enough to cover their expenses and save for a rainy day or they become …

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Business Plan Woman

5 Ways Mind Mapping Applications Can Help You Focus on Financial Goals

Mind mapping applications are excellent tools to help you focus on attainable goals in order to reach a much larger objective. As many of these online apps are free to use, you can develop an intricate budget plan giving you a visual aid to help you secure your financial future. How can you use these applications to your advantage? Breaking …

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Tackling Our Deepest Entrepreneurial Fears: #MyAvonStory Twitter Chat Recap

Last week’s #MyAvonStory was incredible!  I say that as a woman interested in human dynamics, right?   After all, I am a psychotherapist and what I do for a living involves helping other women get in touch with their deepest fears. The Twitter Chats have grown to become almost a way for the women involved to support and encourage each other towards …

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Buy Home

Should We Give Interest-only Loans A Second Look?

Have you heard about “interest-only loans”? In case you’re wondering if this is a trick question, let me assure you that it isn’t. Banks actually still offer this product. They lend you money to buy a home and you don’t have to repay the principal loan amount – at least for a certain period of time. With an interest-only loan …

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First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit House

Six Strategies That Can Help Your Home Get a High Appraisal

If you are selling your home, then you want it to be appraised at the highest possible value so that you can make the biggest profit on the sale. As a financial planner, when clients come to see me for a mortgage approval their primary concern is always about selling their home at the best price in order to find …

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Engagement Ring

You’re Engaged, Now What?

A wedding is a milestone that will be filled with cherished memories as you start your future together. You’ve started looking at dates, venues, dresses and you’re the proud owner of a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Now what? Your wedding bands and engagement rings symbolize your love and commitment, and will continue to be important pieces throughout your lifetime, and …

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