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Fairfax, VA – Smart Women Finish Rich Seminar with David Bach

 Smart Women Finish Rich® Seminars are here in DC! We’ve teamed up with Edelman Financial Services to get the word out about educating smart women about the steps needed to achieve their financial goals! Fairfax, VA is up next on November 4, 2014 and November 5, 2014  at 1pm and 7 pm You know David Bach.  He’s the wildly successful author behind 9 …

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Save Money Moving

4 Creative Ways to Help Pay for Moving

The cost of moving is expensive given the deposits and transfers of utilities alone. The additional cost to hire a moving service, buy packing materials and paying additional help adds up quickly. There are cheaper ways to move that will still allow you money for items that the new place will need. Offer Pizza and Drinks for Help from Friends …

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Emergency Withdrawal 401k

She Who Manages the ‘Gold’, Makes the Rules – Join Us For The Smart Women Finish Rich Seminars

Women live longer than men.  This is fact.  So it makes sense that we need a few more coins in the bank to make it through our golden years without going broke. We face many more challenges which prevent us from saving enough for retirement.  Our careers are often interrupted to care for the little ones and/or elderly parents resulting …

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Salary Woman

Women’s Pay Gap: Playing Devil’s Advocate With The Income Disparity

Though work is usually the cause of greatest stress, not many women would go back to being housewives, as in earlier times. Regardless of the negative aspects of working outside of the home and spending long hours away from family, women feel more empowered and liberated knowing they don’t have to depend on anyone. It’s been a very long struggle …

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Work For Fee

The Only Five Reasons You Should Ever Work For Free (and One Big Reason Why You Shouldn’t)

Have you ever outworked a male colleague and wondered bitterly why their compensation was so much higher than yours? I’ve been there myself and it’s not a great feeling. Women still make 77 cents for every male dollar and studies increasingly show that we’re working harder for our pay. Earlier in my career, for example, I was given the opportunity …

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Business Plan Woman

Saving a Troubled Business

Acknowledging that your business is suffering is one of the hardest things to do, especially after the time and monetary investments involved in startup. The failure of new businesses – and even seasoned ones in this economy – is not always the fault of poor management. A range of factors can determine your business’s potential for success and expansion – …

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Woman Kneeling In Bills

4 Tax Tips To Help Homeowners Track Deductions Throughout The Year

Being a landlord can be costly. Whether you’re spending money on the home for renovations and upgrades or paying for emergency repairs, those dollar signs can really add up. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some of that money back on your taxes? Good news: you just might be able to. Landlords must distinguish repairs from renovations One …

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Before Afterbasement

Turn Your Basement Into A Cash Machine -Yes! 4 Tips

That empty dark basement you’ve got at home?  It’s a money making machine and I’m here to tell you how to cash out. You may know that buying real estate is a good investment, but what if your home has more money in it than just the market value? The best way to get the most money out of your …

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Confession: I Buy Clothes Off Season At Target

How many times have you agonized about updating your wardrobe but hesitant to do so because it might get too expensive?  I know I have and on many occasions Ive just opted not to do so.  Well you’ll be happy to know that something that I’ve started doing is shopping off season at Target. My day job requires that I …

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Lemon Law Car

4 Ways To Avoid Buying A Lemon While Saving Your Sanity

The problem with most states’ lemon laws is that people who find out they are stuck with a lemon realize it after the time limit prescribed by law has passed. They end up dumping the car in the used car market. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but the way most states have configured their anti-lemon laws, such …

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Save More Money

5 Ways To Make Money By This Evening

If you have rent due tomorrow or you need to pay somebody by tomorrow, it is too easy to think that the only way to get out of the financial pickle you’re in is to take out a loan. I don’t blame you. Most people think this way because it definitely takes care of the problem. Sadly, it is too …

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Falling In Love With Your Money One Transaction At A Time

Usually, when it comes to personal finance issues, the words ‘saving’ and ‘fun’ or ‘love’ aren’t mentioned in the same sentence. In many cases, they are spaced very far apart. There’s a good reason for this: most people consider saving a chore. We tend to think saving money involves denying ourselves all the good stuff life has to offer – …

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Bad Credit Loans

How to Get Credit Card and Bank Fees Reversed

Never underestimate the power of a phone call. Seriously. That one person-to-person call can help you get out of all sorts of fees and penalties as far as your credit card companies and banks are concerned. If you have ever opened a bank or credit card statement only to be shocked at a fee you don’t recognize, here are the …

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Ginger Lori

Hacking Into Debt Free Living with Ginger, Lori and Cher!

Girls (and guys) just want to have FUNDS right? But does having FUNDS = No fun? Join me as I chat with Lori about hacking into a debt free financial future. Tonight we’ll encourage accountability, share wealth building/credit slashing strategies and take the shame out of having debt! Join us TONIGHT to get inspired, learn some of her strategies and …

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Bankrupt Woman

If You Want to go Bankrupt Do This First

Hate it or love it, it is indisputable that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act was fueled by good intentions. Regardless of your politics, chances are you would agree with the conclusion that not having health insurance can be disastrous-not just for your medical health but for you financial one as well. That’s part of the driving force behind the Affordable …

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