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Can’t Afford a Master’s Degree? A Certificate Might Be the Answer

Going to graduate school isn’t cheap: According to Peterson’s, the average tuition cost for a two-year master’s degree program is $60,000 to $80,000. That’s not even taking into account living expenses, books, and fees, which can push the cost of your degree well over $100,000. While there are ways to ease the burden of a graduate education, such as employer …

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How Women Get Ahead in Male Dominated Fields

There’s no denying that women have made great strides when it comes to gaining equality in the workplace. Still, certain fields, such as criminal justice, engineering, finance, and science, are still largely dominated by males. Many women feel intimidated when entering these fields and struggle to get ahead when they do. With a few adjustments to how you communicate and …

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Give Back and Earn a Good Salary? It is Possible With These Careers

It’s a common perception: If you want to devote your life to helping others, you practically have to take a vow of poverty yourself. After all, jobs that involve giving back never pay well.  If you want to earn real money, you have to put your “saintly” instincts aside and focus on getting ahead at all costs. While it’s true …

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Rented Appliances?

Do you own a home but rent certain electronic equipment, like a TV or a DVD player? What would happen if the appliances were damaged in a fall or from a power surge from an electrical storm? Your homeowners insurance policy covers the items in your home that you own, but what about appliances from popular rental centers? Are you …

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5 Ways to Help Others While Helping Yourself

While no one wants to admit to having a “You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours” mentality, many of us do keep subtle track of whether or not what we’re up to in our relationships, career, hobbies and the like are of any benefit to us. The trouble with wanting to come out ahead in every situation, of course, is …

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The Girl’s Guide to Used Cars

It’s very likely that, at some point in your life, you’ll be the owner of a used car. Perhaps you’re just not interested in the high monthly loan and insurance payments that come with buying new or perhaps you’re interested in a specific older make and model. Regardless, used cars are often very wise choices when it comes to vehicle …

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Up to Her Eyeballs In Debt: How Cait Killed $21,000 In Debt

Bad day? What do you do?  Spend money.  If you have a great day and want to celebrate what do you do?  Spend money.   Money, like eating, results in a temporary emotional comfort.  And just like over eating, over spending can be damaging over the long term. Overspending based on emotion “Emotional spending is nearly always a mistake” says Woman’s …

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How One Woman Demolished $14,000 In Student Loan Debt

Congrats you have a shiny new degree – now what?  Let’s sum it up: you just spent the last four years of your life getting a college degree, you’ve put on the cap and gown and now it’s time to start your new life in the real world.  But how can you do that if you graduated with a ton …

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Bad Credit Loans

Got Bad Credit? Follow These 6 Effective Tips To Get a Bad Credit Loan

Bad credit sucks.   But most people have a period of time in their lives that their credit is not perfect.   In our credit driven society, those with bad credit know that it is very difficult to live without access to credit.   Fortunately, it is possible to get a loan with bad credit.   Of course, interest rates are higher for …

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Want Financial Freedom? Create A 5 Year Financial Plan That Would Make Oprah Proud

I’m sure you’re already thinking, “5 years is too long for me to “plan” but in reality it isn’t.  We aren’t addressing what to do when you reach retirement or any other really long term goal.  Think of 5 years as the standard.  Or you can even take baby steps and start off with 1 year.  Either way, a plan …

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Bad Credit After Divorce

Contemplating Divorce? I Hope You Don’t Live Here

If you’re thinking about filing for divorce, I hope you don’t live in one of the following states. Divorce is never a pleasant experience, even under the most amicable of circumstances.   In the antagonistic structure of divorce court, there is always a winner and a loser.   Ask 20 people which states are the worst ones in which to get a …

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Broken Promises and Bank Accounts Part 2: Redemption

Here’s part 2 of Susan’s journey to regain her sanity and credit after she finds out that her fiance racked up thousands in credit card debt -  in her name. I have some questions for Susan in quotes but maybe readers can share some insights as well.   I couldn’t believe it; I had become a deplorable statistic. I was …

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Job Rejection

Why Nursing School Grads Have Trouble Finding A Job

Despite the trumpeting the alarm stories about the nursing shortage the US healthcare is facing today, more and more nursing school graduates are wining about the fact that they cannot find a job, and searching for CNA positions online does not bring any ray of light to this situation. And in fact, there are couple factors that are influencing the …

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Financial Freedom

38 Actionable Financial Tips You Can Take Today

We’re all thinking about how to make better decisions so that we come out of top financially.  Take a look at the list below and incorporate a few, if not all into your daily financial life.  Commit to being a better steward of your finances and you will certainly reap the benefits. Create Your Financial Plan  and spend some time …

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Whole Foods On The Cheap: 25 Items Cheaper At Whole Foods

The Whole Foods gods must have been listening this week because I’ve been struggling with eating organic and low fat while maintaining a reasonable food budget. So what’s a girl on a budget to do?  Apparently, the following foods are cheaper at Whole Foods: 1. Organic milk. Whole Foods’s 365 Everyday Value Brand was priced at $4.99 a gallon, while Safeway’s O Organics …

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