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Job Rejection

Why Nursing School Grads Have Trouble Finding A Job

Despite the trumpeting the alarm stories about the nursing shortage the US healthcare is facing today, more and more nursing school graduates are wining about the fact that they cannot find a job, and searching for CNA positions online does not bring any ray of light to this situation. And in fact, there are couple factors that are influencing the …

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Financial Freedom

38 Actionable Financial Tips You Can Take Today

We’re all thinking about how to make better decisions so that we come out of top financially.  Take a look at the list below and incorporate a few, if not all into your daily financial life.  Commit to being a better steward of your finances and you will certainly reap the benefits. Create Your Financial Plan  and spend some time …

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Whole Foods On The Cheap: 25 Items Cheaper At Whole Foods

The Whole Foods gods must have been listening this week because I’ve been struggling with eating organic and low fat while maintaining a reasonable food budget. So what’s a girl on a budget to do?  Apparently, the following foods are cheaper at Whole Foods: 1. Organic milk. Whole Foods’s 365 Everyday Value Brand was priced at $4.99 a gallon, while Safeway’s O Organics …

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Money Wedding

Hidden Costs that Can Break Your Wedding Budget

If your dream wedding is turning into a budgeting nightmare – you are not alone! Nearly one-third of all brides break their budgets,* and with the average wedding costing $27,000,* every dollar counts. Springleaf Financial, a leading consumer finance company, uncovers hidden wedding costs that can quickly add up to hundreds – and even thousands – of dollars in unexpected …

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Woman Money

So You’re Broke, Here’s How You Fix It

Have you ever checked your bank account balance and thought to yourself, where does all my money go?  The odds are you have.  As they say it’s not important how you got into trouble, the true test of character is what you do to get out of it.  There is a line in the song Dead and Gone by T.I. …

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Mystery Shopper Hq

Was That A Shopping Spree or Spending Addiction?

UH OH! It’s the end of the month, you open your mail and you find your kitchen table full of bills.  What do you do?  The first thing to do is to log onto your online banking or mobile app and pay the bills to avoid late fees.  The second thing to do is to determine if you can make …

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Emergency Withdrawal 401k

401k Investment Alternatives To Consider When Planning For Retirement

In the 1980′s, employer offered pension plans went the way of the Dodo bird, and were replaced in large part by a 401(k). The 401(k), which is unimaginatively named after the section of code that lays out the rules for them, is a retirement plan that both the employee and employer pay into. But one of the things that makes …

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Here’s How You Give Your House a Facelift on a Botox Budget

House blues.  You think you want to sell your home because you want something different, something new. The truth is, you don’t have to move into a new home or spend a fortune on a home makeover to get the look you want. Many home renovation projects can be done on a budget and – dare we even say – …

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Atlanta Child Support Lawyer

Why You May Soon Be Paying Your Spouse’s Child Support Payments

“I would never.” “This is why kids used to always be a deal breaker for me…. Nope, not gonna happen.” “I’d certainly want the best but I’d also have to consider that these 2 made the kids and they need to be legally and financially responsible. My income should not bare the responsibility of their inability to make this work. …

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Quicken Mint Yodlee MEnvelops Personal Capital LearnVest Home Budget Sync YNAB Excel Programs

4 Features Your Personal Finance Management Tools Need Now

If you’re like most finance techies, then you’ve tested a plethora of personal finance management tools hoping to find an all-in-one money management suite. One popular deal breaker is the inability to connect electronically to the bank and download all transaction information. Most personal finance tools lacking this option rarely gain meaningful and long-term traction with their users. This is …

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Business Loans

How to Save Money While Starting a Business of Your Own

If you have ever groaned at the thought of going into work and dealing with your boss, you know the desire to start your own business. You can blow a kiss to your old job and embrace a life of personal freedom in your professional life. Your finances may be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when you’re thinking …

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3 Ways to Make Your Monday Better

Mondays are the worst, and Tuesdays aren’t much better. This isn’t a new development for working class America either. In fact, the Monday blues have plagued society for generations. Sure, weekends offer a nice getaway from the daily grind that is the nine to five work week, but even the most relaxing weekends make for rough Monday mornings. There’s no …

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When Retail Therapy Goes From Bad to Worse

Who doesn’t like a little retail therapy after a bad day, or even a good one? But what happens when that therapy veers into being a shopaholic? Shopaholic This is what we usually call someone who shops a lot. Who are we kidding? That’s what we call a person whose habits are out of control! We all know someone like this. There’s …

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For Love or for Money: Should You Get a Prenup?

First comes love then comes … prenup? Yes, this is the reality for many couples facing the prospect of getting married and sharing assets. If there are concerns around the viability of the marriage the first question should be: Should I get married? That’s an obvious question many hesitate to answer. Mostly because we resist using logic concerning an emotional …

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Buy Home1

Tips On Protecting Your Wallet and Energy Bill

If you’re out of power at home, it could be for any number of reasons. From circuit issues to power cuts and problems with your meter, there are many stages involved in delivering energy to your home which could go wrong. Faulty or inefficient meters can lead to energy waste, which can be expensive and devastating for both the environment …

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