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Business Plan Woman

Is It Possible To Find Good Sample Business Plan Generators Online?

Writing a business plan may seem easy, but that’s not necessarily the case, even for those who have experience writing proposals. Some budding entrepreneurs spend more than three months to write their business plans. However, there have been entrepreneurs who have never written a business plan but have still managed to become multimillionaires. So what does that mean? Can you …

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Collection Agency

I’m a collection agent. Here’s how you get rid of me

Let’s say you owe money.  This could be a medical bill, old cell phone bill or even a delinquent credit card balance that a lot of late right now.  Now you have an annoying collection agent calling you throughout the day and even on weekends and you find yourself screening every call that comes through.  You might as well have …

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Finalfempower2 600

Join The Fem-Pow!er Movement: Meet Me In DC!

What’s a Fem-Pow!er Movement Event Like? You + Knowledge + Fun = Fem-Pow!er First, you’ll sit your awesome self down and have a nice continental breakfast while you listen to the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) introduce you to Fem-Pow!er and your speakers for the day.   Alex Elle, Author & Entrepreneur: Alexandra L. Smith, more frequently known as Alex Elle, …

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Credit Card Payment

Manage Your Business Finances Like A Boss

Getting ahead in business can often seem like being Alice trapped by the Red Queen. You need to run as fast as you can just to stay where you are, never mind catching a break and really pushing forward. However, while juggling stock inventories, staffing, market penetration and finance can be a hard task, there is a way to make …

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Woman Making Money Online

6 Money-Saving Tips for Freelancers

Working freelance has become an extremely attractive option for many. It presents many advantages, including the freedom to manage your time, the chance to earn more than what you can from a regular job, and choose the projects you work on. But with great freedom comes great responsibility—as we often hear—and freelancing also entails the need for discipline when it …

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I Have to Spend All Day with These People?

Working with toxic coworkers can feel a lot like recess on the playground in an elementary school .   There’s the bully, backstabber, manipulator and a host of other characters that you must manage or else you’ll find yourself in the timeout box.  Be it self imposed or otherwise.  Planning ahead for potentially mind numbing situations helps you win the …

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Business Plan Woman

Here’s Why You Need A Business Plan

When you look at your local small businesses you may only see the finished product. You only see the bakery front or the mechanic’s shop. You only partake in the services. You think that this would be the best thing for you to do, start your own business. But you have to actually sit down and have a plan before …

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Woman With Credit Cards

The Rewarding But Dangerous Risks Of Credit Card Churning

Credit card churning is the process of applying for credit cards several times a year, spending on them to earn a big introductory bonus, and then closing them out before the annual fee comes due. There is a small but vocal community of people who do this as a hobby, and earn thousands of dollars in rewards each year in …

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Debt Collection2

Will Credit Counseling Services Help Or Hurt In The Long Run?

If you’re already in debt up to your eyeballs, how can you not take a second look at advertisements promising to lower your monthly payments with a debt free ticket just 24-48 months away?  With so many people living paycheck to paycheck, mounting concerns about how to make ends meet and keep food on the table keep some up late …

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Target Breach

Surprise! Your Cards Have Been Hacked! Now What?

If you happen to be a lucky Target, Neimans or Michael’s shopper then you may have received some unsettling news that your card data may have been breached by credit card hackers.   For example, specific to Target, the breach involves purchases made in stores and not online and the compromised information includes: Name Credit card number Expiration date 3 digit …

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Beautiful Woman And Broken Piggy Bank 18jg0022rf

Four Tips to Follow to Survive a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Financially

Even though it may not be considered as drastic or life-altering as a Chapter 7, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is definitely a rocky stepping stone that many people have to cross each year within the United States. There is an average of more than 340,000 cases of this particular filing each year, according to US Courts, which makes it …

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Make Money Online

Four Key Factors to Consider When Developing a Corporate Marketing Plan

To a prospective or existing business owner a business plan is the same as a blueprint is to an architect. Before you can build the structure of your business, you need to have a well-developed business plan to serve as a blueprint for the overall construction process. One of the most important parts of the plan has to be the …

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Debt Collection

Is Your Debt Keeping You Up At Night?

While most people have some type of debt, there are some who carry too much debt.  This can include credit cards, mortgage, personal loans and/or a line of credit.  At some point, it becomes too much because you find yourself sitting in despair about your financial situation. Check The Numbers.  Calculate your debt to income ratio.  The hard and fast …

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What If You Were Fired Today?

You haven’t been fired or laid off – yet. But what if you received the pink slip today or were informed that you may be laid off in a few weeks or months?  How would you handle it?  Would you start looking for a new job or or roll the dice and stick your head in the sand?  Such is …

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Now This Is How You Live On Half Of Your Income!

Living on half your income. Impossible? No. Daunting? Yes. How do we accomplish this? With willpower made of steely determination and making major sacrifices. Add to that a dash of honesty, and you’re on your way. Easy, right? All joking aside, the obvious first step is to cut back on your spending, and the way you do that is by …

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