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Why “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds? “Why do women need financial advice?”   – are questions that I am asked often!

The short answer is: Because you’re still asking that question.

The very fact that people question why women need need financial advice is exactly why I founded this website.

The concept that women want to make, manage and keep more of their money = power.

Some women are afraid of that and some don’t think they deserve it.   Self worth vs Net Worth issues.

And there are some men that resent it. I am passionate about and so we explore those issues.  Are they controversial?  Yes!  The most popular article on this site is about financial abuse.

I tend to highlight positions that no one wants to talks about. For example, the fact that many men resent their wives who quit their jobs to stay at home. Some women don’t want to hear or deal with that and that issue not only affects their marriage but their finances as well.   So the husbands no longer feel that they have a partner, but a dependent.

The other side of that is women sometimes feel that they’ve given up the best years of their working lives to be at home with children.  That dynamic is something women rarely discuss openly yet it fuels core issues in their relationships.  That’s just one of the prickly issues covered here.

MEDIA: The media has been nice (Elle, Business Insider, Lifehacker, Consumerist, MSNBC, DC Fox News, Essence, Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, Hope For Women Magazine, Madame Noire and the MSN The Invested Life Web Series).  Though, some think that I teach women how to sell themselves for money while others understand the mission to empower women to take control of and make their own money.  

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What I’ve Been Up To

Elle Magazine’s Coach of the Month!

There I covered issues such as retail therapy (and why we should avoid it!), back to basics budgeting, “the Money Talk” and money media myths!

Starting in July, check me out on TeenVogue.com dishing out sage advice for “the firsts” as a young lady – first bills, student loans, credit cards, apartment, and budgeting.

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The Joy Sutton Show
I watched the segment thinking, “I shouldn’t have said that!”. But hey, it’s true. We can’t keep making crazy money decisions expecting different results!